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Your Fantasies
Can Come True. Find Your Next Love in Uniform

No need to be shy any longer. The single firefighters, doctors,
nurses, law enforcement officers, pilots, emergency services and
military personnel you’ve dreamed about are online and ready
to find true love with you at UniformDating.

Over 84% of uniformed professionals – the single ones – are
looking for a long-term relationship rather than a fling, according
to a new survey conducted by Wakefield Research for UniformDating.
But, with a job that keeps them busy, it’s hard for them to find time
to date. UniformDating simplifies the search for love for Dallas-based
singles, whether on the mobile app or offline at fun, hand-crafted
happy hours.

And, it’s free to join.
Here’s why love in uniform is so tough:
  • 68% of uniformed professionals frequently “warn” romantic interests about their job because of how time consuming it is. These busy men and women, gay and straight, admit they’ve even delayed in telling a romantic interest about their job because they didn’t think their date would understand.
  • But, over 95% of uniformed professionals feel that having a partner who “gets” their job is important.

Don’t give up! UniformDating was created exclusively for the needs of this community. The iOS and Android apps easily cater to a mobile, active lifestyle. Uniformed professionals, like doctors, nurses, firefighters, law enforcement officers, pilots and their crews, and military personnel can choose to be matched with other uniformed individuals or civilians. Men and women who are not in uniform are also invited to join, but will be matched only with those in uniform.

And, as 64% of uniformed professionals report that people frequently try to flirt with them while they’re in uniform, we’ve created local happy hours to get everyone mingling (and flirting) offline too!

Survey Methodology

The UniformDating Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 500 uniformed professionals, defined as those working in healthcare (doctors and nurses), emergency services (law enforcement, fire department, and EMT/paramedics), armed forces and commercial air crew (pilots and flight attendants), between July 31 and August 11, 2014, using an email invitation and an online survey.

About UniformDating

UniformDating is the only dating app that caters to the unique lifestyle of uniformed professionals and those who want to meet them. You can be matched with specific uniformed professions and it’s free to join.

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Whether you're a Single In Uniform, or you'd like to meet one, this is the mobile dating app for you.
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Seeking one of our communities bravest? This is the premier niche dating app where you can search & find specific uniformed professions.

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As a Single In Uniform, the choice is yours - look for other Singles In Uniform, or those seeking someone in uniform.

3. Introduce Yourself

We have a few options for when you’re ready to make the first move. Our pay-as-you-go model for in-app purchases of ‘Stars’ (our currency) allows you get the most out of your money. Initiate communication when you have the time rather than face the pressure of a monthly subscription.

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Dating sites? This is dating for heroes!

Ready to meet and date our communities’ bravest? UniformDating is an online dating service for professionals who work in uniform and their admirers. What makes us different from regular dating sites? Our mission is to help local heroes in uniform find the love they deserve. So if you work in uniform or admire those who do, UniformDating is the online dating service for you. From military dating to flight crew romance, we’ve got it covered. Every day we help firefighters, nurses, doctors, paramedics, military personnel, pilots and others to find compatible matches. While singles in other professions can be found on regular dating sites, UniformDating attracts not only fellow men and women in uniform, but also singles who are sympathetic to the demands of life in uniform, from shiftwork to overseas deployment. So if you work tough, long hours in a hospital, police station or overseas, you’re likely to meet someone who understands and sympathizes with your lifestyle.

Online dating for singles in uniform

We understand that women and men in uniform lead uniquely demanding lives and regular online dating doesn’t always fit your lifestyle. We’ve created a mobile dating app so that you can review and message your matches on the go, without being tied to a desktop computer. Our messaging functionality is simple and easy to use, and you’ll receive daily matches based on your personal criteria. UniformDating’s mobile dating app is available for iOS and Android devices, so you can meet and date our communities’ bravest, wherever you are!

We’ve matched thousands of singles in uniform in the UK dating site, Australia and now the USA. UniformDating is the professional dating service for women and men in uniform including Police Officers, Firefighters, Soldiers, Military Singles, Air Force Personnel, Nurses, Doctors, Pilots, and even Civilian Air Crew. Everyone is welcome at UniformDating. So whether you’re a firefighter searching for love, or want to date a doctor, join now for free and become one of our Uniform Dating success stories. Set up your free profile and start communicating today!