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10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall For the Funny Man Every Time


10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall For the Funny Man Every Time

There is something so enchanting about a man who can make you giggle like a schoolgirl — 10 things in fact.

  1. He will never fail to keep you entertained. Dating a man who has a good sense of humor will never be boring, that much you can expect. He’s spontaneous, exciting, light hearted, and will be willing to do whatever it takes to make you smile. These attributes are exciting because he’ll keep you on your toes at all times.
  2. To be funny, he’s got to be witty and creative. If you ask a writer what genre is the most difficult to write for, they will probably say comedy, as comedy is so much more than just telling a random knock-knock or an off colored joke. It takes skill to be able to pull off the punchline without a hitch. In order to do this, he has to be original and quick-witted. If his comedic mind is genuine, he’ll have a vast array of facts and trivia that will only enhance his joke repertoire.
  3. He can handle any social situation. Should your funny guy find himself in an awkward situation, he can find the humor in it and craft a joke that lightens the mood almost instantly. He knows how to make an inappropriate smart-aleck remark to the right person, he knows when to tease, and he has the right sense of mind to know when he should keep his mouth shut.
  4. He is a natural observer. One reason why comedians are so good at their jobs is because they take in their surroundings. They use their observation skills to take in what’s going on around them and use it to their advantage. One way you can keep him on his toes when he offers a sly remark is to thank him for noticing.
  5. He makes you a better person. Before him, you were stressed out and felt constantly on edge. However, now that he is in the picture, you find yourself laughing and enjoying life more. Your barriers seem to crumble whenever you’re around him and you feel comfortable enough to let your silliness out.
  6. Your friends love him. If he really cares for you, he goes out of his way to not just become friends with them, but your friends genuinely do like him. Your friends think he’s the life of the party and they love how he’s changed you for the better.
  7. He doesn’t play into the drama. If there is any drama going on in your life, he won’t add to it. In fact, he’ll do all that he can to lessen the drama. He doesn’t take life too seriously, so he’ll always be able to find the silver lining in any situation. Well… Most situations anyway.
  8. He is confident. If your guy has no problem poking fun at himself, you can bet that he’s pretty confident in who he is as a person.
  9. Jokesters do have a sensitive side. Funny guys aren’t just one dimensional creatures who rely on just their sense of humor. You’d be surprised that many jokesters have a whole slew of emotions laying beneath that funny façade.
  10. He always makes you smile. You cannot stay upset with a guy who is bending over backward trying to make you smile. If you’re angry at him and despite that you can smile when you are near him, you know it’s genuine.
10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall For the Funny Man Every Time

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