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10 Ways to Ensure Your Marriage to a Police Officer Succeeds

9th November 2016


There are so many resources out there that suggest that a marriage with a police officer is doomed to divorce, however, actual proof just isn’t there. Whether or not police are more prone to divorce, there is some value that other can get from others who have gone through a divorce. Those individuals were able to look back on the marriage and reflect on what may have gone wrong. Continue Reading →

5 Signs That You have a Cop’s Brain

30th October 2016


Cop brain can be a great thing while you’re on duty, but it can make you look pretty silly while you’re not on the job.

Check out the list of 5 symptoms and see if you have this unique condition:
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9 Photos of Animals Being Saved By Men in Uniform

24th October 2016

animals saved by people in uniform

When an animal finds itself in trouble, officers will do whatever they can to help. Officers take an oath to protect their community. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include people. Check out these heartwarming images of animals being rescued. Continue Reading → was Featured on as One of the Most Popular Sites for Singles in Uniform

13th October 2016

Serious Dating Sites

Our PR Manager, Tatiana Mikhalchuk, recently had a conversation with the team. They discussed the specifics of, its founding mission, and even what user professions are most common on the website. Find out more interesting details in the full article here.