Ladies, men are most attracted to women in these 3 careers!

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 You may think your career is all about climbing the ladder and bringing home the bacon, but the right job could also attract a lot of attention from men. A recent survey by asked guys which uniformed professions they found most dateable and received an enthusiastic response. So, which women in uniform can expect to bag the most dates?

Flight attendant

In at number three are flight attendants, with 34% of the votes, whose uniforms evoke a golden age of glamour and excitement, even in the era of cheap flights. Smartly tailored jackets and skirts, neat little hats and colourful scarfs aren’t something that women wear every day, so they score high for novelty, and all that travelling gives them a whiff of adventure that other jobs just can’t provide. Plus, when you’re in the air your safety and wellbeing are in their hands. They’re capable and in control - how attractive is that?


Just creeping into second place are doctors, who got 35% of the votes for most attractive uniformed profession. The plain white coat and stethoscope slung around their neck gives them a confident and commanding presence that seems to grab men’s attention. Asked what they would find most attractive about a doctor, 41% of men said their intelligence and 37% said their commitment to helping people, which suggests that guys see female doctors as having a lot of integrity. When asked what kind of doctor they’d like to date, 45% of men said an A&E doctor, as they would be a calming influence in a relationship. Doctors have to be quick thinking, capable in a crisis and full of compassion, all of which are very attractive traits.


The uniform isn’t the clichéd little dress and cap you see in costume shops. But nurses are firmly at the top of the list of the uniformed professions with a whopping 61% of men finding them the most appealing. Nurse’s uniforms nowadays are functional affairs: generally either tunics and trousers or scrubs (which have an allure all of their own), but nurses are still very attractive to men, suggesting that chaps aren’t just concerned with physical appearance. Nurses are trained to be compassionate and patient, and listening is an important part of their job, all of which are qualities that are great for relationships. They remain calm under pressure, have an excellent bedside manner for when you’re stricken with man flu and have the best “How was your day?” stories ever!

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