How Important is it to Kiss While in a Relationship?

Kiss While in a Relationship

Question: A couple has been married for over 15 years, and the wife says she needs to be kissed passionately every day. During intimacy, she says that she cannot get turned on unless they kiss. The husband sometimes feel the constant need for passionate kisses is tedious and tends to get bored.

The husband wants to show his wife how much he loves and desires her, but he often feels that a regular kiss should suffice and long make out sessions are not nearly as enjoyable as other ways of showing affection toward their loved one.

Answer: Kissing can be found across many cultures and is the foundation of romantic relationships throughout the ages. It expresses ones desire for intimacy, adoration, desire, and passion for their romantic partner. Some people are more into kissing and require it more often than others.

While one partner may place more value in kissing than the other, it isn’t that unusual. In fact, it is more common for women to want to kiss their men more frequently than the guy. Research shows that kissing is generally more important for women because they assess whether or not their partner is suitable for a long term relationship. You would be surprised by a woman’s ability to decide the future of the relationship just by one kiss.

For men, kissing doesn’t mean quite as much. Both sexes can agree that it symbolize the romantic feelings and growing intimacy between them. Men tend to place more value on sexual advances and foreplay when they are trying to determine where the relationship is going. This is why men tend to get bored quickly when there isn’t enough intimacy in the relationship.

When you kiss, the brain releases a chemical called oxytocin which is responsible for making people feel connected with their partner. Women are generally more receptive to the chemical and more inclined to desire activities where they feel pleasure and a strong sense of connection.

For couples in a long-term relationship, partners will almost always have to compromise on some things that they do. This means one partner will have less of one thing in order to get more of another. These concessions work to balance out the relationship so both people are happy.

If your wife likes kissing and it is very important to her, you will have to remember that she finds great pleasure from it. By doing this, you are giving her what she needs to be happy and feel loved. In turn, you can remind her what is important to you and she will be more inclined to give in to your desires.

A relationship, no matter how short or long it is, is all about balance and maintaining an environment where everyone involved feels loved, respected, and wanted. You should allow your partner their differences and embrace them. If you do ever grow tired of kissing, there are always different ways in which you can make them feel loved and desired.