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9 Things You Didn’t Think You’d Learn in the Military

18th September 2016

military person

There are countless reasons why people would sign up to join the military. For some, they join because it’s been a long tradition in their families. Some join because they are extremely patriotic and want to help defend our country from enemies. Some join because they feel like they have nowhere else to turn. Continue Reading →

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11 Slang Words That Military People Only Understand

14th September 2016

military slang

The military is known for having more hi-tech gadgets than anyone could count, plus a seemingly endless amount of money to spend on these things. Another thing that the military have an abundance of is slang terms. Some of the slang comes from the endless supply of acronyms, some is from the phonetic alphabet, and others are just… Crazy. Continue Reading →

11 Slang Words That Military People Only Understand

Do’s and Don’ts of a Police Vacation

2nd September 2016

police officer on vacation

If there is one group of people who deserve a vacation so they can relax and clear their head, it’s a police officer. They encounter so many dangerous situations while they protect the people of the town, it can certainly weigh on them. Continue Reading →

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Military Protocol Means Nothing to This Little Girl

31st August 2016 by alex | 0 comments


Unless you are from a military family or have close ties to the military, you never truly understand how hard is to continue your life while your loved one is deployed. Combine that with not knowing if they are coming back at all… It makes the time they are away that much more painful. Oh, but that happiness that floods over you when they return home? Nothing can compare to that joy! Continue Reading →

7 Ways Being a Police Officer Helped Me Be a Better Mom

28th August 2016


Being a mother and being a cop aren’t things that you normally hear about. A lot of women feel that the risk on the job is just too great to even give it a chance. If they are police officers first and then become pregnant, many of the women will retire from the force or take a desk job instead. Continue Reading →

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