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10 Best Ways to Survive Valentine’s Day for A Single Girl

13th February 2018

Cupid just missed you with his arrow and hit your flakey friend instead? Then you need a survivor’s guide to Valentine’s Day for a single girl. Here are our ten best ways to keep calm and carry on through this most exclusive of holidays.

1. A Night In

Netflix-and-chill with yourself. Have a relaxing night in. Take a hot bubble bath, wine and dine yourself, and settle in for a good movie. And tell yourself that you deserve it.

2. A Night Out

If you feel you’ll be lonely staying in, get glammed up and go out with the ladies. Meet new people, try new things. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into a dude who’s also single and ready to mingle.

3. A Love Letter to Yourself

The hard part about Valentine’s Day is that sometimes it can make you feel crappy about your single self. Don’t let it. Write a love letter to yourself. Scribble out the reasons that you’re loveable, valuable, and worthy. It’s something you can read often, when you’re feeling down, that will lift you right back up again.

4. All the Single Ladies

Do you have some single lady friends? Get them together at your house for a dance party and some laughter! Pull of Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies video and try to learn the choreography. You’ll be smiling so much that your face will hurt.

5. Find Love

Dude, you don’t have to be single if you don’t want to be. I’m not claiming that finding love is easy, but if you want a partner in crime, then explore your options. Free dating sites are one way to explore safely, at your own pace, and at your discretion. Many also have free dating apps, so you can scroll through while on the go!

6. Chocolate & Wine Party

Make Valentine’s Day what it’s supposed to be about: chocolate and fine wine.
Purchase an international tray of chocolates and variety of wines and play host. Invite your friends to be chocolate and wine connoisseurs for the day.

7. Be Childlike

Buy up some of those cute kiddo Valentine’s Day cards at the grocery store. You know, the ones usually reserved for fourth graders at their school party.

Make them out to all of your loved ones and tape on that little piece of chocolate or bag of candy hearts.
Pass them out to your friends and family (or your secret Valentine), and enjoy.

8. Meet a Military Man

Want to date a man – and, specifically, a military man – but don’t know where to even begin to find him?
If you’re interested in men in uniform, then join a free dating site, like UniformDating. This dating site specializes in matching you with the military hero of your dreams.

9. A Remembrance Day

Make Valentine’s Day a Remembrance Day, instead. What are you remembering? That being single comes with perks. For a refresher, read this yourtango article, where Ivy Allen reminds women what to appreciate about being single – like working on you, enjoying your own company, and not having to share space with someone, just to name a few.

10. Hate-watch Chickflicks

It’s time to get all your rage about Valentine’s Day off your chest. Pop in Sixteen Candles or 10 Things I Hate About You and start hate-watching those classic chick flicks that made you romanticize love. And by that, I mean join your friends in making fun of the cheesy lines…while secretly having your heartstrings pulled until they’re out of tune.

Want to be in a relationship next Valentine’s Day? Download the UniformDating app and connect with military personnel from sea to shining sea.

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