20 Traits of a Good Man

Traits of a Good Man

Think Ned Stark or Paul Newman. Good men are like rocks. They’re a stable, solid, founded in truth and honor. Read on for twenty more traits of a good man to see if you are one – or if you’re lucky enough to call one your partner for life.

1. Moral

Any good man possesses a good moral compass. That means he derives value in goodness and in good acts. His compass always points north. He knows who he is, what guides him, and he is not easily misled down the wrong path.

2. Honest

Trust is the foundation of a relationship. A good man will always be honest and grounded in truth. And he will expect the same from his partner.

3. Generous

Men who know how to give – not only superficially, but of themselves – are the personification of goodness. There’s nothing sexier than a man who would give you the shirt off his back as effortlessly as he would give you his time.

4. Passionate

A man who is passionate about love, about life, and about you doesn’t come around every day. Passionate men are rare. When you find a good man who is alive with passion, hold onto him. He’ll take you for a wild ride.

5. Forgiving

Good men know when to forgive and forget. They will forgive you your flaws and outbursts and won’t hold things over your head. But that doesn’t mean you can walk all over them. They also know when to tell people off.

6. Talented

Whether your man shreds the guitar, can recite the periodic table, or is the next Cristiano Renaldo, a good man will possess some talent. Talent indicates discipline and passion, combined – both “good man” traits.

7. Ambitious

Speaking of discipline, men who set goals and strive to achieve them are steadfast and determined. Good men look towards the future, because they care about their partner and the life they’re building together.

8. Beautiful

A good man is beautiful, inside and out. Even if your man is not classically handsome, good hearts shine through and make a man’s beauty irresistible and his warmth, charming.

9. Classy

Imagine two men: one calls women crass names and talks about groping them without their consent; the second only speaks highly of women, views them as equals, and treats them with respect. Which of these would you consider dating? Probably the latter. Men who possess class and quality of character are much more appealing than those who treat women like dirt or possessions.

10. Intelligent

Intelligence is hot, and good men possess smarts in spades. They look at the greater picture, and they can inspire you to be a better person.

11. Socially Skilled

Good men are charismatic and effortlessly social. They’re able to interact with anyone, whether in their social sphere or not. They can have a warm chat with your mom, your friends, your colleagues, and especially with you. They don’t think they’re “too good” to talk to anyone, and they engage all, speaking respectfully.

12. Strong

Good men don’t draw their strength from power and exterior facades, but rather from within. Their moral integrity and dependability is their strength…and some nicely toned muscles don’t hurt either.

13. Good in Bed

A good man is good in all aspects of life…but especially in bed. He is not a selfish bedmate. He focuses not only on his own pleasure, but on his partner’s as well. If you find one who knows how to curl your toes, then he’s probably of the selfless variety.

14. Responsible

Good men know when to work and when to have fun. They don’t let their partner carry the burden – i.e., bills, chores, caregiving, etc. – alone.

15. Handy

While being an independent woman means you can take care of yourself, a man with a tool belt can never be a bad thing. Men who don’t mind mending things or helping out around the house are indispensable.

16. Positive

Any man with a bright outlook on life will be sure to lift you up when your spirits are low. Good men are optimistic and make you feel good about yourself and your future.

17. Leadership

Good men are natural leaders. Whether they hold a leadership position or not, people listen to and respect them, because they’re considered wise and just.

18. Funny

Humor goes a long way in a relationship. If your man can make you laugh, then life will be a friendlier place.

19. Being present

Good men are always close to you. They don’t distance themselves physically, mentally, or emotionally. They are present and want to be involved in your life.

20. Communicative

A good partner is able to listen and discuss any problems without getting volatile or letting emotion rule them. If you’re able to talk about the everyday as well as the deep, then you’ve got a real winner on your hands.

If you’re a man trying to be “good,” then work on all these traits. And if you’re a woman with a man who checks all the boxes, then be good right back to him. If you still don’t have such man in your life, find him on UniformDating.