Dating Myths You Should Forget

dating myths

Looking for an ideal woman? Dating is a great way to find that special someone you can love. However, let’s just face it: most mainstream dating advice is ineffective.

Unlike saving money, pursuing your career or starting your own website, everyone’s experience with dating cannot be based on the same advice! You can follow all the things you are told, but meeting a woman you want to hook up with isn’t something you can achieve that easily.

As frustrating as it may be, it happens when it happens. You see, the problem with following the same old dating advice is that it isn’t going to bring the results you expect: LOVE. That’s simply because of the fact that advice challenges you to be someone who you aren’t in order to attract someone who is supposed to love you for who you are! So with this in mind, here are 3 dating myths you should forget so that you at least have a chance of finding your Ms. Right:

Don’t Have Chemistry On Your First Date? Forget It!

While it would be great to have non-stop conversations and fireworks every single day of the week, the truth is that some things take TIME. As a matter of fact, the most successful relationships either slow burn over time or start as friends. If you aren’t quite sure whether she is the right person for you, but still enjoyed the time you spent with her, give yourself the opportunity to find out by taking her out on a second date. Sure, chemistry is important, but you may not always feel it initially, so make sure you don’t lead with it!

You Should Wait to Contact Her after the First Date

Some say you should wait four days, others say at least a week. You may think that doing so will make you look confident, but, well, it doesn’t as women take it in another way. So, instead of trying to seem like you’re too busy or ‘cool’ to reach out to her, why not let her know that you’re excited to get to know her? Send her a text message the next morning. It could be about meeting up for another date or even a conversation from last night. However, don’t forget to suggest a date; otherwise, you’ll end up aimlessly texting for days.

There Is Always Someone Better If Not Her

It’s no secret that we are live in a modern generation where people are always searching for the next best thing, but what if you come across someone quite wonderful? She may not be the smartest person you have ever met, or the most attractive, but the thing that matters most is how good you get along with each other and whether you can see a future with her. If someone makes you happy, make a commitment; challenge yourself and see how things go. If you’re always going to look around, you’ll never be able to see what’s in front of your eyes!