5 Best Places for Those Looking for a Military Man


There is something incredibly alluring about a man in uniform, especially when they are military men who put their lives on the line for the safety of their country on a regular basis. Many women find it difficult to meet a soldier because they are looking for a military man in all the wrong places — especially if they want a quality relationship.

Excellent Ideas on Where You Can Meet Your Own Courageous Military Man!

1. Join The Military

This is the most obvious place, and it is the easiest! There are numerous positions available in the different departments of any military branch. Of course, women who join as combatants have the upper hand when they are looking for their soul mate.

If you don’t particularly want to join the military itself, you can always hang out around the base — or on the base if you are allowed access. Corporations that are located closely to the base are ideal because you can get a job there and come in contact with all sorts of military men. For instance, banking institutions are perfect because what soldier doesn’t need money while on base?

2. Pen Pals

When you start off by sending letters to a military guy, it may just as a friendly gesture that you hope will brighten their day. However, when it goes on for a long period of time, feelings will most likely develop and it could turn into something much more substantial. There have been instances where women have met and married their penpal!

3. Church

If you are a religious person, you will want to go to church — preferably a church that is located near the base. There is no question about it, when a military man returns from duty, they want to visit their family (if they are lucky enough to be close to home) and go to a place of worship. By going to a church near the base, your odds of meeting an eligible bachelor is very high. Not only will you have something in common (your faith), but it is a good indicator that they have the same values as you do.

4. Attend Events Sponsored by the Military

If you want to meet a military guy, you have to immerse yourself in the military world as much as possible, and this means by attending military events such as recruiting events, Fleet Week, parades, air shows, and even events that are sponsored by veterans. These are great opportunities to not only meet military guys, but to show your support for the men and women who fight (and have fought) for our country. You get bonus points if you volunteer your time at these events. It is always a good look when you give back to the men and women who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

5. Online Dating Sites

It should go without saying that joining an online dating site that is geared to helping men and women meet military folk. These sites are perfect because you have access to thousands of military personnel in any branch of the military — whether you want to meet a Marine, an Airman, or a Naval officer.