Why would anyone date a police officer? Ask the NCS!

At Uniformdating.com we love a police officer. And if you were to ask us whether you should date one, you can guess what we’d say (um, ‘yes…’). But you might just accuse us of a certain bias, given our ardent interest in women and men who work in uniformed careers.

Date a police officer at UniformDating.com

And maybe you’d be right. So don’t listen to us, listen to the National Careers Service. The NCS, of course, don’t aim to help soldiers, firefighters, bobbies and the like with their love lives – that’s our job. But we couldn’t help reading the Police Officer job profile on their website and noticing a lot of traits that are, quite frankly, highly datable.

While the ability to “remain calm in sometimes life-threatening situations” might not be a make-or-break quality in a girlfriend or boyfriend, these other attributes might just sway any doubters out there.

Everyone says ‘Be yourself’ when dating, so it’s nice to meet someone else who can do it for a change. And where would any relationship be without a high regard for the truth? Perhaps no one is 100% honest, but police officers at least try.

Sometimes we try to pretend not to find confident people attractive. We usually fail. According to a study published by Men’s Fittness, 80% of the 1800 women surveyed found self-assuredness the most attractive trait in a potential male partner.

Social awareness
We live in a modern, multicultural world with plenty of joys and plenty of problems too. And it’s nice to talk about it sometimes. Plus, if they can understand people and their problems, they can understand you too, right?

They pass background and security checks
And the world seems to get bigger and more complex every day. Trust is great, but sometimes it’s nice to know that your potential significant other has been through a check or two.

They work 40 hours per week
Shift work can be tough, but 40 hours isn’t all that bad. And with an average starting salary of £19,000, we hate to be materialistic, but… It’s nice to go out with someone with a little money and some time to spend with you.

And finally… They enjoy a challenge
But come on, let’s not force them to exercise this trait; accept the challenge but don’t be the challenge!

What traits do YOU find attractive in a police officer?