10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dating a Nurse

As a kid, when your parents would talk about the type of person they wanted you to date, you’ve probably gotten the usual doctor or lawyer mumbo jumbo. While these are perfectly good professions and the people who do this kind of work are dedicated to their jobs, there is something a little different about dating a nurse. Too often the men and women who are nurses do not hear, “Oh you’re a nurse? How wonderful!” when they tell people what they do for a living.


Well, UniformDating.com stands behind the belief that nurses are quite special and anyone would be lucky to be dating a nurse! In fact, we have created the top ten reasons why you should be dating one right now.

1. They take care of people for a living.
If you want someone to take care of you when you are sick or injured, a nurse is the perfect choice. You can be certain that if you are suffering from an allergy attack or you’ve hurt yourself doing yardwork, they will know the best way to care for you.

2. Compassion is their passion.
It is common sense that if you want to care for people, then you have to be a compassionate person. You can always count on a nurse to go that extra mile to make sure that you are happy, especially if you are important to them.

3. Calm in Crisis.
Nurses work in chaotic situations, especially if they work in the hospital. A perk of the unpredictable work environment is that they know how to think rationally should an emergency arises. Not only that, but they have a gift of calming others around them.

4. Personal CPR Expert.
It is mandatory for nurses to know how to give CPR. While it may not be something on your mind when you are getting to know them, you will be glad that you’re dating a nurse if you or someone you are with stops breathing.

5. Good Listeners.
Part of caring for people is listening to what they have to say — even if they are complaining about their neighbor or whining about the food. And because nurses are good listeners, they usually have great advice to offer. Of course, they also have a keen sense of knowing when to shut up and let you vent.

6. Selfless to a Fault.
It is very common for nurses to put their needs on the back burner if someone else needs help. Just be aware that although they do put other’s needs before their own, they are not a doormat.

7. One Smart Cookie.
Going through nursing school is not a walk in the park. In order to pass the tough exams, you have to know parts of the body, understand medical lingo, understand and recognize various symptoms for diseases, and so much more. So if you are dating a nurse, you can marvel at their smarts, because you better believe they are pretty damn smart.

8. Tough as Nails.
Okay, so they aren’t that tough, but they can handle almost anything. You figure they deal with sick patients, see some nasty stuff, and all while still being compassionate and gentle. They are just shy of being superheroes!

9. Rollin’ in the Dough.
All that hard work during school really pays off once they graduate and they are working. Nurses can make decent money and there is always going to be a need for nurses, no matter where you go.

10. Always Grateful.
No matter what you do for the nurse that you’re dating, you can always be sure they will appreciate your efforts, even if it is about the little things like remembering to DVR the latest episode of their favorite show, or to fill the car up after you’ve used it. If you want to make your nurse smile, never forget the little things!