Exercises that Police Officers Do Stay in Shape

handsome police officer

There are plenty of women out there that would love the opportunity to date a handsome police officer, so they join sites like Uniform Dating to find these guys.

How could you not? Why, there are men like Instagram’s Feyyaz Kurnaz, who shows off his amazing six-pack abs, and Chinese officer, Long Key, who had a slew of female marathon runners ditch the marathon just to see the guy!

If you’re a single guy, you might be wondering how you can achieve similar results without actually joining the police force. We’ve got 10 exercises that police officers do to help them stay in top shape. If it works for them, it can work for you too.

1. Sandbag Clean and Press – Begin in a quarter-squat position with your hands holding tightly onto a sandbag. The sandbag should be resting on the ground. Use all of your energy to stand up and bring your elbows up. Roll the sandbag so it rests in the crook of your elbows and then lifts it over your head. Keep your body like this position for a few seconds and then bring it down. Repeat this several times.

2. Partner Glute-Ham Raise – Put a mat under your knees and kneel on it. Have someone hold your calves down to the ground and keep your core tight as you lower your torso to the ground so that you wind up in a push-up position. Using your arms and your core, lift yourself back to the upright position. Repeat these several times and keep your core tight!

3. Swiss Ball Knee Drive/Pike – Start this exercise like you’re going to do pushups, except have your feet resting on a stability ball. When you’re doing the knee drives, bring your knees to your chest and slowly straighten your legs to the starting position. Keep your core tight during the exercise. If you want to make the exercise a little more challenging, keep your legs straight as you, bring them forward, thus making your body make a V.

4. Walk the Plank – Start off in a push-up position with either two weights or Valslides under your toes. Slowly walk forward on your hands, but make sure your hips are straight and your core is taut throughout the entire exercise. If you’d like to make it a little more interesting, use your elbows instead of your hands. Being lower to the ground will force you to be more controlled, it’ll work out your biceps and keep your stomach tighter.

5. Bear-Hug Walks – Hold a sandbag to across your chest. Keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle as you pace for 30 yards. Turn around and come back. Do this a few times.

6. Offset Walking Sandbag Lunges – Begin by holding a sandbag over one of your shoulders while standing. Step forward and bend the back leg to about an inch from the ground. Then you will push yourself back to the standing position. You’ll repeat this with your other leg as you move straight forward. Alternate shoulders that the sandbag will rest on after each set.

7. Inverted Row – Lay on your back under a barbell. Your hands should be gripping the barbell at shoulder-width apart. You will pull your chest toward the bar and hold it there for a second. Then you will bring yourself back down to the beginning position. For an intense variation, you will only use one arm as you keep your core engaged and avoid any hip rotation.

8. Rope/Towel Pull Up – For this exercise, you will hang a rope or even a towel on one side of the pull-up bar. Grip the rope/towel with one hand and place the other in the standard pull up position. Pull your body up to the pull-up bar and hold it for a second, then return back to the starting position. Switch hands after each set.

9. Landmine Press – Stack the barbell with a weight or two on one side. Secure the empty end in a corner of the room (if you don’t have a LandMine available). Begin with your right leg bent slightly forward, and your back foot staggered behind your core. Grip the barbell firmly in your left hand, push your arm up and forward as you tighten your core and avoid falling off balance. Hold it there for a second then returns back to the starting position.

10. Knee to Elbow Push-Ups – Begin in the push-up position and keep your core tight throughout these two different variations. You’ll start the first position as you lower yourself, pausing momentarily, and moving your left knee out to the side and touching it to your elbow. Then you will return to the push-up position. Complete one normal push up. Next, push your knee straight out to your left elbow, pause for a second, and then go back to the starting position. Complete another regular push up.

Fellas, if you do these exercises, you can definitely bet that any woman would be thrilled to date you, especially if your personality matches your amazing body.