What to Expect When Dating a Professional Man in the UK

Dating a Professional

Have you ever wondered why women tend to fall for a man with a British accent? Or have you ever caught yourself drooling over a man from the UK who sports a well-fitting suit and tie? We can’t deny that there is something about a professional British man that just draws the attention of the women they encounter. We explore some of the reasons why women fancy a British man and what to expect when dating one.

The Accent

We can’t deny that the British accent is alluring. Perhaps women are so drawn to it is because at a young age, we have associated the accent with royalty and refinement, thanks to the movies where princesses and princes have these accents. Why, even a harsh insult can still be mesmerizing.


Professional men in the UK have a fashion sense that isn’t that far unlike the professional men in the US. One difference, though, is British professional men (or just the men in general) take greater pride in their appearance. You will be hard pressed to find a man with ill-fitted clothing, pants that show their underwear, or being decked out in clothes designed by Tom Hardy. The British guy wears clothing that fits properly, is clean, and even will choose nicer shoes.


Whether he is a business professional or still a student, British men tend to dive right a relationship right after the first date. This could be because they are that smitten with you, or they simply don’t want to waste time sorting through the masses. Yes, this doesn’t seem very optimistic, but many women find this frankness charming. We can say that British men do love their partners, regardless if it stemmed from a genuine attraction, a financial convenience (why would you rather live with a roommate when you can have your girlfriend live with you and share half the bills?), or it is just a security thing.


British men, especially professional men, do not like to beat around the bush. If they have something on their mind, you can believe that they will not hesitate to speak it. For example, if they come right out and tell you that they enjoy your company and want to date only you, you’d better say more than “okay.” Don’t be alarmed though, because while he may say what is on his mind, he will still say it in a polite way. You will find that he is rarely impolite and even if he has something harsh to say, he will mind his manners and not be too brutal in the delivery.


In general, the Brits do not care for public displays of affection. So this means you probably won’t be making out at the theater during intermission — you may be even hard pressed to get him to hold hands with you as you walk down the street. Not to worry though, when he is certain there is no one around, he may steal a quick kiss or caress your cheek and staring into your eyes for a few moments, thus making these brief and rare displays of affection all the more charming.