Where to Meet Single Professionals in Cardiff

dating in Cardiff

Dating in Cardiff can be a little difficult if you are hoping to snag yourself a uniformed professional. And how could you not want to? These brave people are eager put their lives on the line, knowing that they will face some sort of danger, all in the name of protecting general the public. Unfortunately, because these folks are so highly sought after, singles sometimes don’t know where they can meet these eligible bachelors.

If you’ve tried your hand at online dating but you still want to go out and meet these people in person, we have some ideas where you can meet them, get to know them, and maybe even date them.

Meet single Firemen

A fireman’s duty is to be ready in case of an emergency, whether they are on duty or not. Because of this, any time that he has away from the station, he will want to make the most of it. You can find them either choosing to relax and enjoy his time off or getting his errands done. So you can find them almost anywhere — the grocery store, the church, parks, museums, pubs… Anywhere. However, if you want to get straight to the source, you can take the bolder approach and show your appreciation for the fire department by bringing them fresh baked goodies. Not only will this show that you’re a whiz in the kitchen, but you’re thoughtful and considerate. You can also volunteer your time at the fire station or at any of their community events. This will surely catch your fireman’s eye.

Spots to meet a Police Officer

Did you know that you can volunteer your time for the police department? This is a great way to meet police officers because you’re right there in the thick of things. Of course, if you want to take a different approach, you can friend the South Wales Police Cardiff Facebook page and watch for any events that are being hosted. At these events, you can mingle with your local law enforcement and the rest of the community. If you are in an especially charitable mood, you can volunteer to help at these events. When the police officer that you’ve had your eye on starts seeing you at these events more frequently, they will take notice and you can start working your charm.

Places to meet Soldiers

The decision to join the military isn’t an easy one. You’re faced with the possibility of being deployed to a different country, fighting in gruesome battles, and perhaps not returning home. These are some very real risks that you should understand before getting involved with a person in the military because a relationship with these folks is not an easy one. However, if you are prepared to face these situations when they arise, then you can volunteer your time, or simply attend, the Meet the Forces event held at Cardiff Bay. You’ll be able to chat with military folk while you check out the RAF’s replica aeroplanes, listen to military bands, and visit any of the Naval ships that may be docked in Cardiff.