Where to Meet Professionals in San Diego, California

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San Diego is the second largest city in California and it is full of eligible bachelors and ladies who are just looking for someone new to go out on a date with. In a city as large as this, you might want to focus on a particular person with a career that requires them to suit up in a uniform. Other than trying an online dating site, we have a few insider tips on where to snag a fireman, police officer, or someone in the military — all professions that are highly sought after by San Diego singles.

Meet Single Firemen

There is nothing undeniably alluring about the idea of dating a fireman. These men are required to be brave, buff, and able to lift things with ease (plus they have to know CPR, so mouth to mouth is expected!). You may be wondering where you can meet these fine fellas in San Diego. A great way to meet one of these fine gentlemen is by becoming a volunteer at the San Diego Fire-Rescue department. You’ll have to meet the training and certification requirements, but once you do all of this, you will be smack dab in the middle of it. Just be aware that firemen take their jobs very seriously and if you don’t want to give back to the community while trying to meet one of these guys, you may just want to book a tour at the fire stations.

The Police Officer

Other than attending the National Night Out event that is held every year, you can meet policemen during the police dispatch recruiting events. You will sit through recruitment seminars at the San Diego Police Department Headquarters, and while you may feel awkward, if you have a serious desire to become a dispatcher and start working with the men and women you wish to date, then this would be a good opportunity. You can also attend town meetings and other community events. The police force is tasked with protecting the community and what better way to chat up a policeman then to get to know him while on break?

Meet handsome Soldiers

If you want to date a military guy in San Diego, all you have to do is walk outside! The city is full of military men and women — especially Marines, as it has the second largest Navy base in the US, Norfolk, as well as Camp Pendleton and Miramar Marine Corps. You can literally meet a military man or woman no matter where you go. Because San Diego is a chance for them to relax while they are off the base, you may find that they frequent places where they can relax and enjoy themselves. Places like bars, restaurants, clubs, and even the movie theaters. Of course, you can’t discredit other venues like parks, stores, churches, and even malls. One thing to be wary is if you are determined to date a military person, you have to be prepared to spend some nights alone, go weeks or longer without communicating, and even deal with the separation if they get deployed.