7 Worthy Reasons To Fall For A Firefighter


When women think about a man in uniform, their minds automatically conjure up images of a firefighter. After all, how could they not fall for a strong man who puts others before their own safety? They risk their life on a daily basis to save lives! Apart from this, firefighters are selfless, skilled problem solvers, extremely courageous, and look tremendously sexy SHIRTLESS. So, if you are seeking a long-term relationship, you should definitely consider heating up your love life by dating a firefighter. However, if you still aren’t sure,...

...here are 7 reasons that might just convince you to fall in love with a firefighter:

1.      Reliable and Caring to the Core

Firefighters are trained to be loyal and reliable at all times. If they say they are going to do something, you can rest assured they will get it done. Sometimes, this may mean after handling a fire situation, but they will get it done. They are also incredibly caring and will not hurt you by making fake promises (a quality that is crucial for successful long-term relationships).

2.      Hot from the Touch to the Looks

Firefighters are typically in good shape. They are ripped and have strong biceps, triceps, and muscles. In simple words, they are hot and definitely worth ogling at. This is one of the main reasons why calendar companies choose firefighters for their shirtless spreads (you don’t see calendars of topless game developers or accountants now, do you?).

3.      Ability to Tackle Difficult Situations

One of the best qualities of firefighters is they are trained to efficiently and quickly solve problems. If they aren’t afraid of jumping into a burning building, they definitely won’t run away from any tough situation you need help with. They face the things you fear and can remain calm to help you in times of crisis. What else could you ask for?

4.      Mouth-to-Mouth is a Job Requirement

Another beneficial quality of firefighting dating is they are lifesavers. Giving mouth-to-mouth is one of their vital job requirements. This can prove beneficial in other situations (if you know what I mean, wink!).

5.      Strong Physically and Mentally

Firefighters are trained to be strong both mentally and physically! They can handle all types of situations with patience and understanding. You can lean on them for support, emotionally and physically, regardless of the circumstances.

6.      Active 24/7

These lifesavers undergo significant training to remain active 24/7, without much sleep. This is because fire incidents can occur at any time on any day. When your love comes home, you can expect him to sweep you off your feet and fulfill all your needs.

7.      Animal Lovers

It is kind of weird, but all firefighters really seem to love animals. They are also used to taking care of the firehouse Dalmatian. They will be more than welcoming when you convince to them to get a puppy or any other animal.

So, if you are looking for a new flame in your life, perhaps you should consider firemen dating too!