Tips to Know When Dating a Man in Blue

single cop

Being a police officer is no easy task. It is a demanding job, both physically and mentally, and it isn’t just that way for the officer. Dating a police officer can prove to be taxing on you, which is why when you date one, you have to be fully aware of what you are getting into and realize that the relationship isn’t going to be all romance and fun.

Here are a few bits of information that you may want to keep in mind when you start a relationship with that man (or woman!) in blue.

1. Be Ready to Change Plans

You know that concert you’ve been dying to see for the past few months? You may not be going to it with your cop like you had originally intended. Since their job to be able to answer an emergency call at a moment’s notice, they may have to cancel your plans — even as you are walking out of the door! You will be hurt and maybe even a little upset, but you have to remember that your police officer’s job is very important for the safety of the people in your town.

2. Be Mentally Prepared

It takes a certain kind of mentality to date a police officer. These men and women face dangers and see things that most of us only dream about. In order to be a supportive partner, you are going to have to listen to the happenings in their day and this could be more than most people would expect. Sometimes we fail to remember that these are the men and women who catch murderers, help victims of car accidents, and investigate gruesome crime scenes. A cops job is not an easy one.

3. Independence is Key

Although you are dating someone, you are going to have to be self-sufficient and be able to find things that will occupy your time when they are gone. You will want to maintain friendships and even cultivate new ones with other people who are dating cops, as they will understand what you are experiencing. You may also want to pick up a hobby (if you already do not have one) for those nights when you are alone and they are working.

4. Distance May Be Necessary

There will be days when you try to connect with your partner and they are not as receptive as you’d hope. You have to remember that this disconnect is most likely due to the job and it is not a direct response to you. Instead of badgering them and asking them what is wrong, simply give them a little space so that they can decompress after the work day/week and process everything that happened in the week. They will come to you when they are ready.