What not to watch on your first date to the cinema

We all love a trip to the cinema – so much so that it may seem like a perfect, safe choice for a first date. Don’t be fooled. There are couples out there who’ve been together for a decade and still can’t agree on a film to watch! Luckily, there is common ground for most of us and of course we don’t have to agree on everything to get along.

Cinema date 101

But a first date situation does complicate matters when movies are involved. Does a particular film choice create a good first impression or a bad one? Does it raise awkward issues too early in a relationship? Worst of all, is it boring? Because boring equals bad first date equals no second date!
There are some great, interesting, so-so, and frankly dodgy films coming out across the UK this January and February. So like any other time of the year, careful choices must be made if you’re watching any of them in a first date scenario.
The key is to search for and prioritise that common ground at all costs, even if you’re paying for your date’s ticket. And yes: even if you’ve been absolutely gagging to see something else that isn’t likely to appeal to both of you. Whatever you do, don’t make your partner feel like it’s a compromise. This time has been put aside to spend with them, so share the choices generously.

Forthcoming first-date no-nos

We’re not saying you shouldn’t see these movies. Just be very careful about who you see them with. If it’s obviously one for the lads, then watch it with the lads. If it’s clearly a chick-flick, well, you know the rest.
Seeing UK -wide release in February, RoboCop is almost certain to be an action-packed, ‘blow-’em-up’ sci-fi thriller. And it’s also likely to be one for the lads, so go see it with them.
An Oversimplification of Her Beauty
First things first, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty looks set to blow our minds with a beautiful, original and quirky story about dating and love. Perfect for a first date then? Careful. It’s about a courtship so extraordinary that it might just make your cinema date seem impossibly dull.
The Book Thief
Oozing historical gravitas, human tragedy and determination to hold fast to your ideals against terrific adversity, The Book Thief may well be a thought-provoking, urgent and unmissable masterpiece. But it may also be a little heavy for your first date.
Delivery Man
Make a note of this right now: find out whether your date likes Vince Vaughn  and wants to see him play a “middle-aged loser” before going anywhere near this film. If you both love him, then you’re on to a good thing, and the best of luck to you!

Films to make a great date

The Wolf of Wall Street
The Scorsese-DiCaprio team is a good hint that The Wolf of Wall Street is not only likely to be an all-round classic, but will also be intelligent, witty and have enough great story-telling to keep most people glued to it. If it isn’t, well then that’s your conversation-starter for the pub afterwards!

Cuban Fury
It’s got dancing and it’s got pedigree British comedy with Nick Frost, Olivia Colman and Chris O’Dowd. Cuban Fury has the right mix to appeal to men and women alike. It’s rumoured to be destined for Bafta success, and it might just inspire you to go dancing later.
August: Osage County
If you haven’t heard of August: Osage County, you’ll have heard of the all-star cast. Benedict Cumberbatch, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor or Sam Shepherd ring a bell?
Karle Pyaar Karle
This film might just be the ace up your sleeve. An “adrenaline gushing, action packed, edgy love story of two rebels “, and what’s more, it’s a Bollywood film. Released in the Odeon on 17 January, Karle Pyaar Karle will tick a lot of boxes for your first date: fun, action and romance. And the kudos that comes from suggesting World Cinema won’t do your dating chances any harm.

Any films YOU would recommend for a first date?