10 Ways to Ensure Your Marriage to a Police Officer Succeeds


There are so many resources out there that suggest that a marriage with a police officer is doomed to divorce, however, actual proof just isn’t there. Whether or not police are more prone to divorce, there is some value that other can get from others who have gone through a divorce. Those individuals were able to look back on the marriage and reflect on what may have gone wrong.
Healthy relationships are crucial for police officers. A thriving relationship with that special someone in your life is going to be the most important one that you can have because it is going to be different than any other relationship.

There’re some things you will have to share in the relationship that you shouldn’t share with other people. When you choose to share intimate details of your life with someone that isn’t your partner, it could be a sign that there’s a problem within the relationship. It doesn’t say that emotional or physical instances of cheating are going to be a relationship killer, but they can really put a damper on it.

These are some things you can do to make sure you have a happy and successful marriage to a police officer.

1. Honesty and communication are essential. Without these, it’s hard to stay positive about your relationship.

2. Respect your partner’s down time. Your police officer partner has a crazy job, so they aren’t going to be able to unwind like you. You have to give them an hour or so to themselves so that they can decompress and disconnect from his profession.

3. Never stop caring. It’s easy to get lost in an argument and feel like the odds are stacked against your relationship. No matter what you argue about, kiss, makeup, and forgive.

4. Always laugh with each other. Laughter should be an important component to any relationship, especially since your partner has to be serious while on the job.

5. Pray. If you are religious, you should always pray together. Not only are you praying for their safety, but pray for your marriage and each other.

6. Always be realistic.  You might want to think your partner is invincible, but don’t be so idealistic. Your partner has a dangerous job, and though they may do whatever they can to stay safe, things can get scary really quickly, and there is always that possibility that they may not come home.

7. Never use sex as a bargaining chip. Sex is an important part of a relationship, and you should never use it as a bargaining chip or withhold it as a type of punishment. It is a way for you two to connect and stay close!

8. Accept each other’s flaws. There is going to be some things that will bug you about your partner, but you should never hold those flaws against them.

9. Always fight fair. We all know that there are going to be arguments during the relationship. When they do happen, you have to fight fair. These means don’t call each other names or say anything that will hurt a lot.

10. Understand that special days and holidays are going to be missed. Your partner cannot pick and choose when they work, so special days are going to be missed. Don’t hold it against them — just try to make it work as best as you can.