5 first date tips for women, courtesy of the police

We made a bet here at UniformDating. Over our morning coffee, the subject of date preparation came up, and we reckoned we could all learn a lot about personal presentation from our erstwhile shiny-shoed friends in the police. Whether it’s about your hair, nails, or crisp creases, our iconically British, ever present and well-presented UK police services can surely teach us a lot about dating? So, we took a good look through their advice on dress and personal appearance, and gleaned these 5 first date tips for women.

Police Women

Dating tips for women, law enforcement style

1. Hair. Keep it natural. West Yorkshire Police weigh in on this one. Hair “must not be dyed in conspicuously ‘unnatural’ colours”. Lincolnshire elaborates: “not purple or blue”. This may seem like one of the more obvious tips for your first date, but hair must not be cut into shapes, motifs or patterns and “must be secured above the collar” (West Yorks.). So there you have it, natural is best. Rally? On a date? You better believe it.

2. Make up. You guessed it: natural again. Or, as West Yorkshire police would say: “plain”. Think plain doesn’t suit a date? Think again. “Go natural” is one of our top dating tips for women, and fashion and makeup blogger Marina De Giovanni says that: “a soft and natural look is the safest way to go for a first date.”

3. Nails. Throw the polish away, I hear you ask? Let’s keep our heads together people, this is still a date, police inspired as it may be. Polish is permitted, but keep it modest and colourless.

4. Jewellery. This one’s a little tricky. Lincolnshire Police say one pair of stud earrings is ok. We reckon that could be a bit limiting for a first date. And frankly, we recommend breaking this rule. Also “a wedding or partnership ring may be worn” (West Yorkshire) but we wouldn’t exactly recommend that on a date!

5. Hosiery. According to the MET, female officers wearing skirts must also wear black stockings or tights. Really, don’t underestimate this advice. You’ll be joining some of our most interesting national heroes. And – you know – it’s a great look.

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