The Pros and Cons of Dating a Colleague, Although Things Worked out oor One Woman

things in common

It’s a tough spot when you are at a job and you’re attracted to one of your colleagues. On one hand, you really find them interesting and would love to spend more time with them, but on the other hand, your company has a strict “no fraternizing” policy — especially if you are dating your superior. But, there are still some brave souls who go against the grain and want to give love a chance.
When you are trying to debate if it is worth being reprimanded by your boss to date a co-worker, keep these pros and cons in your mind.


1. Have Things in Common

When you’re in a relationship, it’s only natural that you want to talk about stuff that goes on at work. Instead of boring your partner with workplace drama, you can share your misery (or triumphs!) with your partner and they will know what (and who) you’re talking about.

2. Already Know Each Other

By dating a co-worker, you already know a little bit about each other since you spend so much time together at work. Chances are you have had conversations about each other’s lives outside of work. It’s always nice to go into something and not struggle for conversation.

3. More Time Together

It can be difficult spending time away from one another and when you have to go to work, those eight hours just drag, especially when the relationship is new. However, when you date a colleague you have the opportunity to see each other all the time.


1. Too Much of… Everything

You read that correctly, one of the things that brought you together could be the very thing that draws you a part. Sure, it was nice commiserating about the stuff at work, but there will be a point where you want space from one another and that is difficult if you work together.

2. Work Problems Feel Like Personal Attacks

Sometimes there are problems at work that you have to deal with. Should the person you are dating finds something wrong with your performance and comments on it, it can feel like a personal attack — especially if things are a little shaky at home.

3. What Happens After The Relationship Ends?

There is one truth to every relationship — either you are going to marry that person or you will break up. The work place can feel very different if the relationship ends. Who finds a new job? Do you both stay and pretend nothing is wrong? What happens if your ex shows up to a company function with someone new? These are all questions you may need to ask yourself prior to dating a co-worker.

Of course, things could work out for you and your partner. With any luck, your partner could surprise you by proposing while at work like the woman who was dating a pilot. Eric Greener, a pilot for Ravn Alaska, got help from the co-workers of Brandy Hollenbeck, a stewardess for Alaska Air, to pull off an incredible proposal.

Whether you are for or against dating in the workplace, nothing can prepare you for what life brings. Love happens anywhere, so why couldn’t it happen at a place where you spend most of your day?