Secret lives: Dating Doctor George Clooney...

By Andy Moore
He’s a handsome Hollywood heartthrob. Many women would love to show him where it hurts. Enter George Clooney as the dashing Doctor Doug Ross in the TV drama, Emergency Room (ER). On and off stage, Clooney’s the sort of smiley-faced, drop-dead gorgeous guy who can silence any room he walks into.

It might be his smooth operator image in the Oceans film series, or his come-to-bed eyes in ‘One Fine Day’; whatever his attributes, Clooney has clued up bedside manners. And this bedside charm captivated millions in his ER doctor role in the nineties. Since then, the Good Doctor Clooney has certainly done his rounds on the relationship front, dilating the pupils of countless women (and men reputedly).

So, what advice would Dr Ross prescribe for those dating someone in his profession?

Doctors dating

Be careful who you have flings with in the turbulent world of doctors dating. It’s not surprising that a good-looking doctor in uniform in a TV drama made many female hearts flutter. Like a true Casanova, Doctor Clooney dates and leaves several ladies during the series – yet his philandering days abruptly end after his one-night stand with an epileptic woman who dies in the ER.

Be careful about dating doctors if they work in the same ward as you

Just like office romances, dating doctors is a thrill of the chase, especially if you’re a fellow medical professional in uniform. When dating nurses in uniform, the devilish doctor could not help himself, having an on-off relationship with character, Carol Hathaway. After their initial emotional break-up, Dr Ross constantly pursued her while she was trying to move on with her life. After a while they became engaged – a move symptomatic of present real life in Clooney marrying Amal Alamuddin.

If you date a doctor you date his/her family too…

Make allowances for someone’s circumstances if you date a doctor. Doug’s father, Ray, tries to reconcile with him – but Doug has problems reconnecting with the man who abandoned him and his mother. Ray sets up a father and son reunion at a Chicago Bulls game and then stands him up. Later, more by accident than by design, Doug has an affair with his father’s girlfriend. Ouch, that was always gonna be messy!

So, whether you consider Clooney a Doctor of Love or Doctor of Dalliance, he has quickened the pulse of many women both in and out of uniform. Yet at the end of it all he transpires to be a man of virtue doing his upmost to be a good boy…

What would interest you in a doctor date? Is it the position of responsibility, the air of gravitas or, quite simply, the white uniform? Whatever your interest, please tell us in the comments box below.