13 Things That Will Happen When You See Your Love After an Extended Period Apart

Love can be many things to different people. It can be an incredible source of happiness, pride, security, strength, and even some sacrifice.

For people who are in a long distance relationship, the entire dynamic changes and it becomes something intangible and heavily reliant on communication, both wired and written. It can test a person’s patience, loyalty, trust, and commitment; however, for those who can bide their time and wait patiently for the day they can reunite? Those are the people who savor every moment they get with one another.

Here are the things most people do when they are going to reunite with their love after an extended period of being apart.

You start counting down the days.

Whether you have a countdown app on your phone, a calendar on your wall, or a mental countdown, you are anxiously keeping track of how many days are left until you get to see them again.

You wonder if time is going slower now that you’re anticipating something big.

Doesn’t time have a funny way of working when you’re expecting something great? When you’re at work, time seems to drag. When you’re having fun, it flies so quickly; you can’t truly appreciate it. The same can be said about waiting until you get to see your love again. The days, weeks, and months seem to take forever.

As that fateful day approaches, you’re brimming with excitement and anticipation.

In those few precious days before you get them in your arms, you are running every crazy scenario through your head. “What if the flight got canceled?” “What if my vacation time didn’t get approved?” “What if they hate my new haircut?” All of these things will drive you insane!

You start listening to “your” songs on a constant loop.

Nothing gets you in the mood for love than a constant loop of the songs that you both enjoy and feel like symbolizes your relationship perfectly. Yes, you even play that one song that he loathes but you think describes the way he looks at you spot on.

You go on a shopping spree to buy new clothes your partner would like.

You remember that one outfit that made your partner’s mouth drop the last time you saw each other, so to get a similar effect, you go out to find something equally as amazing.

You can’t hide your excitement when that day finally arrives.

The big day is finally here, and you can’t contain your excitement any longer. You’ve got your best outfit on, their favorite food and drinks stocked, and the bedroom is all set for happy times.

After waiting for so long to be reunited, you can’t deny that there are some changes to their appearance.

Whether they lost or gained some weight, they changed their hair style or something else; you know something has changed. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes not. Either way, you notice.