Things You Need to Know Before Attempting to Date an Extrovert

dating an extrovert

Being outgoing and carefree are just some of the personality traits of an extrovert. Here’re some other things you need to know before dating one. Learn them to know what to expect, dating an extrovert can be an outstanding experience if you like that type of people, you’ll date only extroverts all your life!

1. You don’t have to be an extrovert to date one. Simply because they are a little more extroverted than you doesn’t mean you have to be the life of the party took. It’s completely okay if you prefer to
hang out in the background and let them shine.

2. They enjoy trying new things. Extroverts tend to focus on activities that are stimulating and exciting.
You’ll capture their attention by planning dates and activities to things they’ve never done before. You could take them rock climbing and maybe go and try some Pho at the new Asian restaurant downtown.

3. Conversations are easy. Extroverts tend to know how to keep the conversation going, so you probably won’t have to suffer through those long awkward pauses. You’ll find that the extrovert enjoys asking questions and they will show a genuine interest. If you feel yourself getting flustered or stumbling over your words, that’s okay because they can adjust and put you at ease without making things any more awkward.

4. They won’t keep you guessing. Unlike introverts who tend to keep their feelings guarded, an extrovert will openly admit if they like you. This definitely works to your advantage because you’ll never have to guess where you stand with them. Oh, and if things go south, you don’t have to worry about the passive aggressive approach to the topic of breaking up—they’ll be straightforward and tell it like it is.

5. They recharge by being surrounded by other people. You’ll never catch an extrovert coming home from a bad day at work and locking them away for solitude. Instead, they will want to talk and maybe even go out and recharge that way. It’s almost like they draw their energy from being around others and interacting with them—whether it is a phone call or hanging out with them at a club.

6. They often overextend themselves. An extrovert is always on the go. They have so much they want to see and so much that they want to do. So it should be so strange to learn that they often overextend themselves and tend to take off more than they can chew. Sometimes they need someone like you to keep them grounded and help remind them that it is okay to relax every now and again.

7. They don’t have to rely on you for everything. Extroverts have plenty of people in their inner circle that can keep them busy so they needn’t rely on you for constant stimulation. They are outgoing people and if your job keeps you busy or you aren’t interested in seeing a particular movie, no worries, as she has others that she can turn to for company.

8. They will get you out of the house. Don’t expect to have a nightly marathon of sitcoms on Netflix because that won’t fly with an extrovert. Sure, they may enjoy the occasional night in, but they will also want to go out and let down their hair—so you’ve got to be prepared to go out and socialize with the rest of the world.