4 Body Language Tips For Men That Women Respond To

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In the quest to attract a woman, many guys feel like they have to spout some slick line that will bring her to her knees and beg for him to take her out. This is almost never the case. Did you know that you can actually attract a woman without even saying a word to her? Oh yes, it is quite possible, because as we know most communication is nonverbal.

These four moves will help you get the woman before you ever utter a hello.

  1. The Wink

The wink is sexy. The wink is playful. The wink is mysterious. It gives the woman a clear message to women that you find them attractive and are interested. This simple move lets her know that you have taken notice of her and when you lock eyes, wink, and offer a smile, she is fully aware that it is she who you are looking at, and not some other woman behind her.

  1. The Smile

We already mentioned the smile when you wink at a woman, but a simple on its own is a good starter because it is worth a thousand words and it trumps any old lame pickup line, hands down. The smile, especially a seductive one, makes you non-threatening, warm, and friendly. All of these qualities are things women find attractive. Plus, if you happen to flash a smile first, it shows her that you are confident and you aren’t afraid of going after what you want. These qualities are something women look for in a potential partner. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you show teeth or not, a smile is a smile. However, if you have dimples, you are like the smile god and no woman will be able to resist you.

  1. The Leaning In

In terms of body language, the simple act of leaning toward the woman you are speaking to can speak volumes. It tells her that you are interested in what she has to say and your focus is solely on her. Why? Because when you lean in you aren’t able to scan the room for other women quite as easily. Also, by leaning, it makes the chances of her giving you her real number rather than some blow off number much more likely.

  1. The Eye Contact

If you want to solidify your place with a particular woman, you have to make eye contact with her. Not just that, but you have to maintain that eye contact. This means that you have to resist temptation to look at her chest!

As simple as making and maintaining eye contact may seem, it is actually a little trickier than you may think. You don’t want to make it too brief or too long. Ideally, keep instance of eye contact for a matter of 2 to 3 seconds. During the conversation, you should try to make and maintain eye contact about three times, or once every few minutes.