How to Attract Men That Makes it Impossible to Resist You


It is difficult trying to understand what either sex finds attractive, but even as though that may be, it can be summed up pretty easily.

Women tend to be attracted to a man who is healthy, stress-free, appears to have a healthy amount of testosterone coursing through his veins and clearly shows signs that he is protective (to a degree), as that will make him an excellent father and partner.

Men… Well, they are generally attracted to a woman who looks good and behaves a particular way.

Simple, right ladies?

Well, it goes beyond just that. To truly understand a man’s mind, we have to look at attraction from the guys perspective. Like, he can be drawn to a woman for a number of reasons but there has to be some sort of physical or sexual attraction, either it is there or it isn’t.

If you want to make sure that he desires you and finds you attracted to you, you have to grab his attention before you can even hope that he’d fall in love with you. You can do this by bringing out your femininity naturally.

We understand that for some women it is hard to be ultra-feminine, it’s just not how you work.

However, we do have a few tips that can help you get in touch with your femininity without making it seem too forced.

1. Wear pastel colors. Who knew that the color of clothing could enhance your personality, but it does!

Not only pastel colors (preferably peach or mauve) give your skin a healthy glow that makes you appear warm and likable, but will also make you feel warm and likable.

2. Always remember to smile. Smiling can work wonders on attracting a man, especially when you’re smiling at him. A well-timed smile can mean the difference between grabbing his attention or him simply not noticing you.

3. Run your fingers through your hair. When you run your fingers through your hair, you’re sending a subliminal message to a man that makes him want to do the same. It works about 95% of the time!

4. Tilt your head down and look up. When you do this while you smile or blush, you’re going to be looking at him from under your eyebrows. While this may seem awkward at first, it gives you the appearance of innocence and makes you come off as a sweet girl that a guy would love to date.

Keep in mind that although these tricks work on most men, not all men are alike. Some men aren’t interested in coquettish women. Perhaps they prefer the no-BS type of woman, which is fine too. It all comes down to the type of man you are trying to attract. If you find that the guy you have your sights set on prefers the stronger women, just adapt and make yourself appear stronger and more in charge.

Why you could even be so bold as to approach him first and ask him out. That will certainly get his attention!