Do Women Like Facial Hair? What Says Statistics

man with beard

If you are in the dating game, chances are you are constantly looking for ways to become more attractive to women. Fortunately, there have been some studies on the grooming of men and how attractive it is for women. A new study conducted in Australia shows that women are actually more attracted to men who have a heavy stubble and less attracted to those who are clean shaven or have a full beard.

The study was held at the University of New South Wales and consisted of 351 female participants. Each of the participants was presented with 10 pictures of men who were either clean-shaven, had a light stubble, a heavy stubble or a full beard. The women were then asked to rate each picture for attractiveness. The conclusion? The pictures of men who had a heavy stubble were a clear winner.

The study also made some other unique discoveries. It was found that men who had thick beards were considered better fathers who could take care of and invest in offspring. While this factor may sound weird, maybe it’s not so terrible after all because all a guy needs to do to attract a gorgeous woman is grow out a heavy stubble. If women find thick beards as an indicator of good parenting skills, then why not jump on the opportunity?

Researchers Barnaby J. Dixson and Rob. C Brooks shared their theories on the results of this study. They believe that women find men with heavy stubbles more attractive because they seem more masculine and also more dominant and aggressive. These are important qualities that women look for in men, and apparently it all comes down to the beard. So in conclusion, women love to see some facial hair, but they don’t want it cover their entire face or make them look unkempt.

Also, the study showed that as much as women liked heavy stubbles, they hated long beards. Obviously, women are considering how long beards can come in the way of a make out session. The more hair a man has the more possibility of getting it in your mouth.

So, the study has successfully answered the question as to whether women find men’s facial hair attractive or not. The key points to remember are: heavy stubbles are attractive, thick beards indicate good fathers and long beards are a complete no-no. The study didn’t find any conclusive answers for men, who are clean-shaven, however, for best odds, toss that razor and grow some hair!