5 Signs You Might Be a Douchebag Firefighter

No matter how great the people are that you work with, there is always going to be that one guy that is a bit (or a lot) of a douche. It makes you wonder if they know that are the office douche or if they are oblivious.

Here’s a list of five lame things that will let you know if you’re the douche in the firehouse.


1. Wearing a lanyard on your sunglasses.

There are two types of people who wear lanyards on their glasses, and those are old ladies and douchebags. Oh no, you can’t take your glasses off and slip them in the collar of your shirt like the rest of us, you have to let them hang around your neck like you’re at the beach or something.

2. Fire muscle shirts.


We are all proud that you’re a firefighter but do you really have to advertise it with a skin tight muscle shirt with a douchy saying on it? Why not cut the sleeves off and turn the shirt into a crop top so we can see your bulging biceps and see those wash board abs? Look, if the shirt is so tight that it looks like your nipples are trying to bust free, just take the damn thing off.

3. Always wearing some kind of firefighter paraphanalia.


This guy makes everyone a little ashamed to be seen with them in public. Now, there isn’t anything wrong in being proud that you’re a firefighter, but when you have to advertise it everywhere you go? Isn’t it a little much? Especially if you wear the shirt, the hat, and you have to ask for a firefighter discount? This guy is always looking for some sort of praise. Not everyone cares that you’re a firefighter, so stop telling everyone and anyone you see.

4. Giving yourself a nickname.


Nicknames are badges of honor that are given to you by your friends or colleagues. They are not something that you give yourself! If that were the case, everyone and their brother would be calling themselves ‘Tiger’ or ‘Boss’ or some other douchebag nicknames. If you walk into the room and introduce yourself by saying, “My name is Lou but you can call me Wolf,” people are going to give you the side eye. You’ll get laughed at, your reputation will forever be tarnished, and you’re nickname among other firefighters will be “Douche.”

5.Bro Guy


Whether you say “bro” or “dude,” if you say it too much, you are a douchebag. What once started off as a joke toward the douches by non-douches, the joke fell flat because these terms were adopted by them and they use it when they are talking to anyone. We get it, the terms are addictive, but come on! There’s only so much you can take! Use other pronouns for crying out loud!

This was just a very short list of what makes someone a douchebag at the firehouse. What are some other signs that makes someone a douche?