15 Dating Tips from Scrubs

By Killian McAleese
Hospital TV sitcom Scrubs can be a room divider. Love it or hate it, Dr Kelso, janitor, J.D. and co have given us quite a few laughs across 9 seasons. And some of the comedy’s funniest moments have inevitably been the flings and face-plants that amount to the characters’ entertaining love lives. From the various dating doctors and nurses, we’ve discovered hidden depths to the series: a plethora of dating tips, romantic insights and true relationship gems.

     Dating tips from the ward…

How many of these 15 dating tips gleaned from the series could possibly apply to your own romantic realities? Be honest…

1. Let’s start with the basics… Always respect a uniformed nurse, especially if she’s your wife or even if you’re dating one.

2. A little romantic wisdom from Dr Cox: “I do happen to believe that love is mainly about pushing chocolate-covered candies and – you know- in some cultures, a chicken.”

3. Driving on a date? Watch the road in case you run over a possum… (or a homeless person). It’ll tend to de-romanticise the occasion.

4. A simple conversation tip from J.D.: Start with a couple of off-the-cuff jokes. (Does he really have any other method?)

5. And another J.D. classic: Find out if your date is allergic to anything, then say you’re allergic to the same thing…Hopefully it won’t be you..!

6. And J.D. again: If you lose a patient before a date, use the experience to make yourself cry like a baby.

7. And back to Dr Cox: Don’t confuse a last resort with a soul mate.

8. Don’t be afraid to rely on pity to lead you to genuine affection. (You guessed it: J.D. again.)

9. Horse-riding on a date? Saddles are a must for the blokes. No saddle? Hopefully you’re dating a doctor!

10. Don’t go line dancing on a date – spurs’ injuries are likely to end things prematurely.

11. When choosing your wardrobe before dating a uniformed single, run it by the experts (your female friends).

12. Strong women have all the power. Don’t even bother challenging this.

13. “Relationships are so fragile. It just takes one tiny little offence, and it can snowball on you.” Dr Cox.

14. “Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.” Dr Kelso.

15. And finally… “Couples who are truly right for each other wade through the same crap as everybody else, but the big difference is they don’t let it take ‘em down.” Dr Cox.

How many of these nuggets of wisdom apply to you?