7 Reasons Why Nurses are the Best Partners for a Serious Relationship

dating a nurse

Nurses are known for their extensive medical knowledge, amazing ability to solve complex issues, and caring nature. They may not get as much recognition and praise as specialized doctors, but more often than not they contribute more to a patient’s well-being and health, ensuring they get what they need under their care.

It is because of this caring nature that nurses have some of the best qualities for establishing a long-term relationship and even a marriage. In fact, a marriage with a nurse is like winning the jackpot at the lottery or bingo! You get a payout that will have more benefits than money could ever buy! Want to know why?

Take a look at these 7 reasons below:

1.      Intelligent, Understanding and Caring

Nurses deal with a fair share of medical emergencies throughout their life. They know exactly when circumstances are calamitous and when not. This is an amazing quality everyone seeks in their relationship, because drama is the last thing anyone wants while dating (trust me nobody likes drama anymore and it definitely isn’t cute or adorable).

2.      Future Focused and Goal-Oriented

One of the best qualities potential mates seek for a long-term relationship is “stability”. And nurses make an average salary of $65,470 per year! That is a respectable amount of money, which enables them to lead an ‘independent’ and comfortable lifestyle. Having this outlook in your relationship means you don’t have the burden of financial stress weighing you down, hence leading to a more ‘stable’ and happier relationship.

3.      Good Sense of Humor

Nurse dating can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. This is because these skilled professionals aren’t only intelligent, but they also have a good sense of humor. They encounter many different things at work they often wished they didn’t see. Humor is one of the ways they tackle these uncomfortable situations. And this quality is important for any relationship, as you will face difficulties with a little bit of humor and fun.

4.      Excellent Teammates

Nurses need to have strong teamwork skills to work long shifts and help doctors. Of course, there are personality clashes and certain disagreements, but they always understand all kinds of personal issues and problems. They make for great team players while dating, making YOU feel relaxed and at ease all the time.

5.      Great listeners

Nurses are incredibly patient and understanding. Their work life has taught them to be good listeners and put themselves in other people’s shoes. When dating a nurse, you can feel relieved about sharing anything with them due to their exceptional listening and understanding skills.

6.      Compassionate

Nurses are good at heart. They don’t go into the field simply for earning money. Instead, they work long hours and go through all the pain and sacrifice to help others. They place others well-being before themselves. And this strong desire is crucial for having a compassionate relationship both ways.

7.      Not Delicate

These hardcore professionals deal with serious medical emergencies all the time. They are not delicate and can handle any squeamish situation, even if life inevitably gets a little messy.

So, if you want a successful relationship, perhaps it’s time you considered dating a nurse!