Why It's Awesome to Date Therapist

dating a therapist

You may have dated people from different professions, but are apprehensive about going out with psychologists because of the fear they might pry into your minds and access your darkest secrets. If this is your perception, you clearly haven’t dated one yet and don’t realize how tremendous an experience it can be. Psychologists and therapists are not afraid to spill their minds, so-to-speak.

They are usually open people who enjoy great conversation and also have great stories to tell, guaranteeing you will be entertained. Despite the negative stereotypes attached, they are also incredibly romantic, sensual, and dreamy. But that’s not all.

Here are a few more reasons why it’s awesome to date or marry a therapist:

They Are Really Good Listeners

It is their job to listen to people and understand their problems. This quality can prove excellent for establishing a successful relationship! Think about it: how many of your previous relationships failed simply because of a lack of understanding and the inability to listen to each other? So, when it comes to therapist dating, you don’t have to worry about sharing your feelings. They will have an open mind about your problem, whatever that may be (even if that involves your relationship with them).

They Are Really Thoughtful

One of the most amazing things about dating therapists/psychologists is they know exactly what you feel and can sense what you are thinking about even before you say it out loud! They can give you exactly what you need and when you need it (if you know what I mean). Apart from this, you can also learn a lot from them. From the symptoms of psychological disorders to social norms, they can tell you lots of fun facts regarding the human behavior and mind.

They Aren’t Necessarily Therapists At Home

One of the most common negative stereotypes attached with therapist dating is these professionals always act or respond by analyzing your behavior. That isn’t true at all. Just because they have to be mindful of what they say in front of patients doesn’t mean they will respond the same way at home. In fact, they are more confused than YOU. They are human beings after all. So, the next time you have a fight, don’t get paranoid about being analyzed, otherwise you may be surprised to find your date uninterested in using her skills outside the office.

They’re Always Looking for Fun

Sitting in a closed office for hours, typing on a computer, listening to patients, and completing administrative tasks, leads to a desire for adventure. After all, they have a life outside the office and have a social life riddled with excitement, fun and laughter. So, drop by some time and spend some quality time with your partner in their workplace. Who knows you might get lucky and have a chance to… you know what!

So, if you want to have a fun-filled relationship with a balance of good understanding and communication, dating or marrying a psychologist might just be what you are looking for.