Why You Should Date a Fireman


Are you looking for the ideal man to date? Of course, every lady has her preferences but most of the qualities they look for in men are similar. For instance, they want a guy who is responsible, caring, romantic, charming and if possible, good-looking. Generally, firemen offer you the complete package and more. If you have a thing for men who solve problems, dating a fireman can be a great adventure for you. Here are a few reasons why you should date a fireman:

A Man in Uniform

Who does not love to go out with a man in a uniform, especially when the type of uniform is the one worn by men who save lives? Not only will your date grab the attention of others but also make you feel proud to walk besides him. You won’t be going out on a date with just a fireman: you will be going out with a local hero.

Intelligence Personified

Some women might be reluctant to date a fireman as they imagine them as being brawny without the brains but that is simply not true, as their job requires them to be able to solve problems swiftly and effectively. Not only that, they are mentally strong and can even be quite knowledgeable, leaving no question on the fact they offer both brawn and brains, which means you can find a man who can offer you physical as well as emotional support, as and when you need it.

The Reputation

Firemen are seen as fearless, strong and dependable, and wherever they go, they get respect. Your parents are sure to approve your decision to date a fireman.


Their jobs require them to be healthy and physically fit. Plus, as they are trained to remain calm even under extreme pressure, they don’t take too much stress. This means their looks aren’t affected by their work and their brawny physique only adds to the attraction.

They Make Good Partners

Firefighters generally are responsible, humble, and you can be comfortable being around them. They may even be able to give sound advice when you share your problems and issues. As they are trained to solve problems, you can expect to face few, if any problems, in keeping your relationship smooth and steady.

Great Job Schedule

Fireman has a day-on, day-off work schedule, which may vary depending on the rank. Even though sometimes they are required to be away for work for up to three days or more, more often than not, they get two days off for every one day on the job, making it one of the best job schedules among the ten most respected job professions in the US and this also translates to you getting the opportunity to spend more time with your date.

He Is More than Just a Firefighter

A fireman not only puts out fires, he’s also a paramedic, a great counselor, physical instructor and a lifesaver. He is 5 professionals in one.