Dating Your Very Own McDreamy

meeting nurses and doctors

When you think of a profession that grants prestige, respect, and success, what comes to mind first? If you said “doctor” then you know your stuff! Dating a doctor, or even a nurse, has become one of the most sought after professionals that singles want to date. Many singles have used an online dating site that is geared specifically toward meeting nurses and doctors. Here, they can cultivate strong friendships that can eventually turn into a romantic relationship. But… There are a few things you may want to ask yourself before taking the plunge and deciding that a medical professional is someone you want to date.

1. Lonely Days and Nights

Depending on what kind of practice your doctor specializes in, you may find yourself alone while they are off saving a life in the ER or delivering a new bundle of joy. It is very common for doctors to be on call and for someone who is involved with one will experience many unfinished meals, 3am calls, and end up being along at a dinner party because they got called into work—that is unless you are dating a doctor with his own practice and runs regular office hours.

Those who are dating doctors should be comfortable socializing and attending events without your date. During the early years of their career, they will have irregular hours and because of this, your dinner plans with friends or colleagues could get interrupted. It is always best to adopt a “go with the flow” attitude. It will definitely lessen any strain on the relationship.

2. Patients Come First

While you may be very important to your doctor, the truth of the matter is their patients matter more. It isn’t because you aren’t special to them, but this is their career—they chose a profession where they look after people and make them better when they are sick or hurt. It may be difficult at first, but you are just going to have to learn how to share your doctor with their patients.

3. Work Related Distractions

If your doctor is on call, that means the job has to be able to reach them at any time of the day or night. This means that the phone will be on at the dinner table and they may have to answer it. And try not to get angry if the phone rings when you are having a conversation (or even an argument) and they have to answer. It is part of the territory!

4. Do Not Turn Them Into Your Doctor

Just because the person you are dating is a doctor, it does not mean that you can solicit them for medical advice all willy nilly. Now, if they offer their expertise without you asking for it, then it is okay. They spend all day listening to various aliments from patients, when they are away from work, keep in mind that it is their time to relax.

5. You Are Not the Only One

Oh, you want to date a doctor? So do many other men and women. This realization will go a long way in your relationship. Instead of getting jealous if your doctor tells you that a patient hit on them, shrug it off and know that they come home to you and that is all that matters.

Dating a doctor is a unique experience with lots of ups and downs. If you think you can handle the lonely nights, the botched dinner dates with friends, and the patient being more important than you—then you are in for a rewarding experience.