If You Respect Yourself Drop These Dating Habits


If you aren’t able to land second dates, maybe it’s time to evaluate yourself and understand problem areas. Sometimes we are oblivious to our mistakes and don’t even know what we are doing wrong unless someone points it out. So, if you want to find your Mr. or Ms. Right, drop these bad dating habits without delay:

Being Judgmental

Never walk into a date with a narrow mind. Don’t judge your date by their appearance. Rather, give them a chance to sweep you off your feet. If you aren’t sure, give your date another chance, who knows maybe they were just nervous the first time.

Playing Hard To Get

A lot of times you like your date and really want to go out again, but expect them to call you first. And when they do call you, you don’t pick up for fear of seeming desperate. You could be throwing away a perfectly good relationship just because you were busy playing hard to get. Be respectful towards your date and if you are really interested, respond to them without playing the mind games.

Being Clingy or Desperate

This is the opposite of playing hard to get. Don’t set up a weekend getaway right after your first date.
Don’t call or message them excessively and constantly ask their whereabouts. The beginning stages of a relationship can be sensitive and it is best to give your significant other some space before they feel comfortable enough to open up to you.

Inappropriate Behaviours

Be attentive on a date. It’s extremely disrespectful to ignore your date and engage yourself in other activities, such as making phone calls, texting or merely daydreaming. Drinking or smoking excessively on a date is also inappropriate behaviour. During conversation, don’t be defensive. Rather, be casual and polite. Lastly, avoid making small lies about yourself, such as about your job or your height. Be yourself, not someone you think your date wants you to be.


While many will fail to admit, stalking is a fairly common habit. While you may not necessarily follow your date around with a pair of binoculars, you will definitely ask your mutual friends about him/her.
Stalking also includes online searches of your date. So, don’t Google him/her or visit their social profiles.
This information will come to you automatically when the relationship progresses, without having to sneak around on the internet.

Still Stuck In The Past

If you are back in the dating game, make sure you are not looking for a rebound. Being stuck in a past relationship will never result in a future relationship that will last and it will make your date feel extremely uncomfortable. Never project your toxic feelings for your ex on your current partner. It is better to completely get over your past relationship before you move on.

Being Too Open or Too Closed

Don’t get too personal on your first date. For instance, it’s a really bad idea to bring up past relationships or troubling family matters. On the other hand, don’t be too much of an introvert where you spend the entire date in awkward silence. Make casual conversation and connect with your date.