Professional Dating: Why career choice is a good start in finding a partner

People sometimes ask us at whether it’s not narrowing one’s options to search for love on the basis of profession. ‘Surely there’s more to a person than their career?’

Finding a partner who understands the pressures of your career

Dating with Professionals

Yes, indeed there is. We deal with a lot of professionals so naturally we have a considerable amount to say on the subject of dating and relationships in the professional world, especially, in our case, uniformed professionals .If you’re wondering if a person’s job is a good basis to start looking for a partner, here are 5 key things to consider.

1. People are different and unique
The first thing we always say is each person is different. Just because some people work in careers and industries where dating colleagues is commonplace – and this can be particularly true for uniformed jobs – it doesn’t mean everyone is the same. So regardless of how many dating tips and statistics there are out there, the same rules and wisdom don’t apply to everybody.

2. The profession is usually just a starting point
You might want to date a paramedic, for their socially responsible career choice, the stability of their job, their empathy, and let’s not forget their physical fitness. That’s absolutely fine, but very few people go into a dating situation blind, without finding out more about that person first. And let’s be honest: getting past a first date takes thought, effort and compatibility that even the most stellar CV is no substitute for.

3. Some people like to keep their love-life ‘intra-uniform’
Heard of the term ‘Army Buddies’? When applied to relationships, this can seem cliquey to many, but the strains of the job and the difficulties experienced by many uniformed professionals, especially police and medics, in discussing their job away from the work environment means that sometimes it’s just easier to date within your own profession.

4. Some jobs are just tough on dating
When you or your potential significant other has a career that involves danger, stress and being posted away from home for months at a time, there are natural strains on your love life. It’s not always practical, especially for those in the military, to choose the ‘intra-uniform’ option when family plans come into play. In such cases, it’s vital to find a partner who understands these strains and is prepared for this lifestyle.

5. Career pride and dating can work extremely well together.
Think of a soldier with a father and grandfather in the military, whose life has been saved numerous times by colleagues, some of whom may not have been so lucky. It’s fair to say that there are many similar such uniformed professionals out there. They take a considerable amount of pride in their jobs. We think this is anything but shallow and reflects a depth of respect for one’s colleagues and duties. Pride in one’s work can be very attractive in a potential partner and form a fantastic basis for a relationship.

In the end, finding lasting love will always be something of a challenge and will come down to how well two people can get along, regardless of jobs. But career is nevertheless becoming so important in people’s lives that it’s no bad thing to give some thought to what kind of job you expect your other half to have.