10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Air Hostess

dating an airhostess

Ignore all the jokes you may have heard about air hostesses in the past. If you happen to know an air hostess or have an opportunity to date one, you shouldn’t hesitate to plan a trip on her airline!
We’ve got 10 reasons why scoring a date with an air hostess is an ideal thing to do.

1. Cheaper Flights

Air hostesses have this benefit where they have low-cost or even free standby tickets to many locations around the world. This means that if you want to have a spontaneous weekend trip to the Catskill Mountains, you can do that. Or maybe you want to fly home for a weekend, you can have your air hostess hook you up and be about your way!

2. They Are More Appreciative

Air hostesses rarely get to spend a significant amount of time at home because their jobs have them traveling all over the world. The time that they do get to spend at home is usually spent catching up with loved ones, which is really what they look forward to. So, when your special person comes home from flying around the world, they will be thrilled to see you; and let’s admit that we all love feeling that appreciated.

3. Air Hostesses Have Fun

No one can say that an air hostess lives a boring life. When they stop in a particular city for any length of time, they know the hot spots of where to hang out and have some fun. You can be sure that when you’re dating an air hostess, they’ll be able to take you to their favorite places. Also, you never have to worry about if they are into you or not. These people get out and meet a lot of folks, but when they choose to be with you, you know that you are special.

4. They are Trained on How to Stay Calm

It is a rare instance where an air hostess experiences an instance where their emergency training comes into play, but it is enough to know that they are able to keep a calm head. They know how to deal with people who are already in a panic and freaking out. This level-headedness will prove handy later during the relationship.

5. They are Trained to Deal with People

As mentioned before, the air hostess is trained to deal with people with grace and humility, so introducing them to your family and friends should be a cinch. You can be sure that they will make a good impression, which will go a long way if you are interested in dating them for the long haul.

6. They Have a Sense of Adventure

It’s pretty much a given that by dating an air hostess, they have a good sense for adventure. How else would you explain the desire to travel around the country (or around the globe!)? You can bet that when they are home, they’ll be interested in doing some fun things or even inviting you on a flight with them to someone fun and maybe even exotic. Boredom will not be a factor in this relationship!

7. They Know Where to Go for Fun

If you were hoping to find someone who knows the city like a local, then an air hostess may be your best bet. These people interact with a lot of people who all have interesting stories about some of their favorite destinations. So if you’re visiting San Francisco, you could ask them which restaurant to go to for something unique to eat or has an atmosphere that you’re drawn to.

8. They Know How to Pack Light

Air hostesses travel for a profession, so when you do travel with one of them, you can be sure that they know how to pack light. No more carrying 4 suitcases for a weekend getaway! Score!

9. They are Trained to be Efficient, Punctual, and Organized.

These are traits that we don’t normally list off when we are looking for a partner, but when we don’t have it, we definitely notice. So, by dating an air hostess who is trained in these things, you’ll notice and appreciate them — especially if you’ve dated irresponsible people in the past.

10. Dinner Conversation is Less Likely to Be Boring

Sometimes when you sit down to dinner with someone, there is a lull in the conversation. With a flight attendant, you never have to worry about this, as they will be brimming with exciting stories because they’ve traveled, met all sorts of people, and they have been gone for a while.