Awesome Date Ideas to Surprise Your Fireman

surprise your fireman

Firemen are some manly men, right? Here are a ton of date ideas that will appeal to him!

Sports Themed Dates
If your man is a sports fan, these dates will be right up his alley.

  • Go to a sporting event, either it is a professional game, college level, or even high school.
  • Get tickets to a highly anticipated game.
  • Plan a date to the World Series, especially if his favorite team is playing.
  • Go bowling.
  • Turn football night into a “fantasy” football night. *wink*
  • Play mini-golf or go to a real golf course.
  • Go ice-skating.
  • Have a private pool party.
  • Go hiking and pack a picnic lunch.
  • Go skiing.
  • Go to a paintball range and go wild.
  • Go to a car show and check out the cool cars.
  • Go to race, be it a car race or horse race.
  • Play tennis.

Date Ideas for the Foodie
If your man is a foodie, these dates will definitely appeal to him.

  • Try some food that you’ve never tried before.
  • Check out that newest restaurant or a hole in the wall.
  • Go to a food truck festival and sample an item from each truck.
  • Go on a mystery dinner date and see who can solve the mystery first.
  • Go to a fair or festival and grub out on the delicious fair food.
  • Take a cooking class together.
  • Go on a winery tour and sample some wine.
  • Host a Fear Factor type dinner party, complete with creepy food (or foods that look creepy).
  • Host a potluck couples dinner party.

Game Night Dates
Break out your favorite games and have a game night. If you don’t have any games, here are some ideas.

  • Play video games together, complete with finger foods and snacks.
  • Pick a world record and try to break that record.
  • Watch a crime show and try to solve the crime.
  • Have a competition at the park with any of the park games.
  • Play truth or dare.
  • Play the price is right at home. The winner of the game gets sexy time how they choose.

Other Fun Date Ideas
Who ever said dates had to fit into a particular mold? Here are some other fun date ideas that you can try.

  • Go camping in the backyard.
  • Spend the weekend doing whatever your fireman wants to do.
  • Visit a town that is all about the old West, complete with cowboys, horses, and gunslinging.
  • Have them place you under arrest and submit to his will.
  • Turn off all electronics and use your imagination.
  • Your fireman will love this yummy and fun hunt all about him and a tasty treat!
  • Go to a concert where his favorite band is the front runner.
  • Go on an adventure tour — either bird watching, boating, or visiting a ghost town.
  • Create your own adventure date. Nothing is planned, you just do whatever looks interesting.