10 Things you should never ask a paramedic on a first date

There are some serious perks to bagging a date with a paramedic. Of course we’d say that, but The National Careers Service might just agree. From having a caring personality to holding down a steady job and keeping fit, paramedics tend to make great relationship material. But understand this: like any other career, there are the clichés and misconceptions. And spouting the right mix of nonsense and naivety in the direction of your date at the (in)appropriate moment will seriously jeopardise your chances of making it to a second rencontre.

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Conversations to avoid

You may be tempted to ask some questions that have been floating around your head as mere half-thoughts, but remember your date does a serious job. Think carefully before asking any of these 10 things…
1. So you drive an ambulance then?
The most common and indeed most irritating misconception about paramedics is that they are primarily ambulance drivers. So ask yourself this: what happens when the ambulance actually arrives? That’s right: paramedics start saving people!
2. Do you know first aid?
Oh dear. Hopefully they know first aid, and much more besides.
3. What colour’s your uniform again?
Seriously, Google this before your date if you plan to discuss it. (Oh, alright then, it’s a green uniform.)
4. So if I just collapsed right here what would you do?
It’s an interesting question the first time. But you can be sure they’ve already been asked this a hundred times, starting with their mum.
5. Is your job just like Sirens on TV?
This is more of a room divider among paramedics. You might be lucky and find you’re dating a big fan of the now-cancelled TV series. But is this a chance you’re willing to take? Let your date suggest a TV comparison.
6. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever encountered on the job?
The trouble is, paramedics see a lot of bad stuff that they’d rather not discuss. And you’re asking about the very worst of it. It’s not a romantic conversation, so don’t kick it off!
7. Have you ever seen a dead body?
Again, forget the morbid questions! What you’re really asking is what terrible stuff they’ve seen on the job. You can be sure it’s not romantic, so once again leave it out.
8. Did you ever want to become a doctor?
Did you ever want to become a doctor? Respect the thoroughly respectable job they do.
9. Is it fun driving fast with your siren on?
This question goes some way towards reducing the role of a paramedic to that of a school-boy on a BMX. Better avoided on a date.
10. What’s a ‘GI bleed’?
Don’t ask and for goodness’ sake don’t even Google it. It’s not date-talk and you’re better off not knowing what it is.

So what do I say?!

Just treat your date like anyone else. “What’s your job like?” wouldn’t go amiss. “Do you enjoy it?” is perfectly reasonable. But there are always hobbies, interests, TV, films and many other topics to approach in conversation. So don’t fear – you can make it to date number 2!

Are you a paramedic? Would you mind showing up to date number 2 in your uniform?