Looking for a boyfriend? Why you should consider a paramedic

Let’s start with the truth. We’re not going to pretend that looking for a boyfriend is an easy or straightforward thing to do. There are loads of fantastic, eligible men out there, sure. But there will always be gentlemen who are, how shall we put it… an acquired taste. Finding someone you’re attracted to, who you can have fun with – someone you truly want to spend your precious time with – can be difficult. People will say unhelpful things like ‘you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince charming’, but surely we can do better than trial and error?

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Dating a paramedic

Could a man’s job be an indicator of whether he’s relationship material? To a certain extent, it can. Career isn’t everything of course, but if you want to cut some wasted time out of your search for love, have a think about what the National Careers Service have to say about becoming a paramedic. We think you’ll agree that many of these characteristics amount to pretty good dating prospects.

A desire to help and care for others
This is just a no-brainer when it comes to qualities to look for in a partner. And yet, you might be surprised how rare it can be. Take note!

A Good level of fitness
There are two, very pleasing aspects to having a partner who is physically fit. People who look after their bodies not only look great, but they usually by necessity have a positive and healthy lifestyle that gets them there.

The ability to make decisions under pressure
Indecisiveness is rarely an attractive quality, especially in a relationship. A guaranteed, trained decision maker is not something to scoffed at.

Good teamwork skills
Any good relationship needs… you guessed it: teamwork! Paramedics have teamwork skills in spades so this should be an encouraging quality in a boyfriend.

A background-checked boyfriend is no bad thing
Let’s not be too negative: you don’t typically need to background-check someone to fall in love with them. But knowing that someone else has already done it is a bonus.

Good job prospects
Personality, compatibility and mutual attraction are the most important things when building a relationship. But sooner or later job prospects become important. With a typical week of 37.5 hours and a starting salary or more than £21,000, paramedics have a steady job, time to spend with you and a comfortable enough income to go out and have fun.

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