Should I Marry A Police Officer?

dating a policeman

Unlike being married to a regular Joe, living your life with a police officer can definitely prove a difficult experience. In fact, most people don’t even think of getting married to a cop and give exasperating reactions when they actually hear about a person being married to one. So, is it really that bad? Well, of course not! Marrying a police officer is not like what’s portrayed in movies.

There is a fear of your spouse being shot dead, but the chances of such a thing happening is equally unforeseen. It may also seem like you are marrying the ‘profession’ more than the ‘person’, but in the end it’s all about understanding. So, ultimately the decision of marrying a police officer is up to you! Nevertheless, here are a few pros and cons that can help ease the decision-making process.


  • You Get Lots of Free Time – One of the benefits of marrying a cop is you have ample time for yourself. You can use this time for any hobby or passion you adore, hence leaving enough individual space for both (crucial for successful married relationships).
  • Pride and Honor – The position of a police officer is a highly respectable one. There is a lot of pride and honor that comes with marrying a police officer. While pinning the badge on his shirt, you realize what an important job your loved one is doing for the country.
  • Learning to Read People – Marrying a police officer means you get to learn about real-life stories first-hand from a person who has been in life-threatening situations. This changes your perspective about the world and enables you to read people from small behaviors, like actions, behavior, and body language.
  • Builds Emotional Strength – If you are emotionally weak, marrying a cop may seem like an attempt at suicide. However, living with a cop enables you to build emotional strength and you will eventually be able to put negativity behind and move ahead with a smile.


  • One-Woman Army – A cop wife and a mother knows she is the one responsible for handling all household and child responsibilities. This can get hectic as you have to act as a one-woman army scheduling appointments for everyone, running errands, and fixing broken stuff.
  • Difficult Lifestyle – Working extra hours and coming home late is a part of the routine for all police officers. This forces you to settle down with a difficult lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to follow a ‘normal’ routine, but instead make the most of those few hours with your loved one.
  • No Family Time – Marrying a police officer means you have to decline numerous family invitations, as your spouse won’t be able to get a holiday easily. This includes festivals and vacations of any sort and lots of disappointment from failed long weekend plans.
  • Emotional Stress – As your spouse has to deal with a lot of difficult situations on daily basis, they could become ‘cold’. This could result in increased emotional stress for you, as you won’t be able to solve problems together.

So, now that you are familiar with the pros and cons mentioned above, you can make an informed decision regarding marrying a cop.