Ways to Flirt with an Air Hostess That Won’t End in an Emergency Landing

No matter how suave you may think you are, there are some women who find it easy to turn down men on a daily basis. These women generally have careers where they are hit on more than you would believe and it becomes a daily routine. Air hostesses encounter a lot of men who try smarmy tactics in order to try and woo her.


If you don’t want to be turned down by the cute lady who hands out the soda and pretzels on your next flight, follow these simple tips.

1. Be Friendly

Because she encounters so many people on a daily basis, you may not be surprised by how many of them are just plain rude when boarding the flight. Instead of simply handing her your ticket, make eye contact and say hello. If she asks you if you need help finding your seat, you can go one of two ways. Say yes and let her guide you. When you are settled in, use her name (look at her name tag!) and give her a genuine smile and say thank you. Or, you could politely tell her you will find it, but you may require her assistance later during the flight. Again, use her name.

2. Make Her Notice You

This is combined with tip number one. You want to stick out in her mind and you can do this by making eye contact when you first walk onto the plane. You can also learn her name and use it. If she doesn’t wear a name tag, be direct and introduce yourself, then ask for her name. Many times the passengers do not learn the hostesses names, they will just say something like “Excuse me, Miss?”

3. Ask For Help

Now we know her job is pretty busy, so we don’t mean be a nuisance about it. When she asks if you need a drink, flirt a little and ask what she is having or what is her favorite drink. When she asks if you want something to make the flight more comfortable like a blanket or a pillow, it is another perfect opportunity to be a little flirty (if your previous attempts proved to be successful of course), but remember, don’t be vulgar!

4. Engage in Chit-Chat

There will be moments during the flight when there is down time and she isn’t so busy. Use this time to engage in some small talk. Ask her where she is from, what her hobbies are, where was her favorite place to go in her travels. Anything to learn more about her and make her feel more comfortable.

When the flight ends and you may have learned that she has some time to kill in between flights, be bold and ask her to meet you for a drink. If all of these things worked for you, chances are she will accept and you will be enjoying the company of a hot air hostess!