What is the UK’s most datable uniformed profession?

Looking to date someone in uniform? You’re not the only one, according to our new infographic on the most datable uniformed professions in the UK. Uniformdating.com asked people living around the UK how they felt about dating someone in uniform and – the million dollar question – which uniformed profession they most wanted to date.

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Dating a doctor

24% of Londoners said they’d most like to date a doctor, while 13% fancied a firefighter, with 11% opting for a commercial pilot. The majority of people in the North East, West Midlands, and Yorkshire and the Humber also voted for doctors as their favourite option when looking for love. This may not seem surprising given doctors’ reputations as intelligent high earners, versus – say – the hours and even days away from home a commercial pilot experiences, despite the attractiveness of a career in flying.

Nurses are still popular

But the majority of those looking to date someone in uniform in the North West, South West and East Midlands disagree. They voted in favour of nurses as the profession they’d most like to start a relationship with, perhaps inspired by nurses’ balance of caring, empathetic qualities and career security.

What about dating police officers?

Interestingly, respondents in Wales came to a tie, with the most datable uniformed professions being a police officer and doctor at 20% each. With an undoubtedly solid career and a (highly) visible presence across the UK, police officers also made the top 3 most datables in Scotland, the South West and the North East.

Love of the Armed Forces

Finally, it’s not a completely bleak picture for those in the armed forces looking to go out dating and searching for love. Military personnel scored reasonably well, finishing in the top 3 in five regions, including the East of England, Yorkshire and the Humber, and the West Midlands.

Which uniformed profession do YOU consider the most datable?