Reasons Why You Might Want to Date a British Police Officer

British Police Officer

If you’ve ever taken the time to browse the adult section of the costume shop, you may find that there are countless police officer costumes and accessories. As alluring as dating a police officer may seem, there are some ups and downs that go along with it. We’ve compiled a few reasons why you would want to date an officer… And a few that may make you rethink your choice.

  1. You will feel safe. One of the biggest draws of dating a police officer is that you will feel safe. Not only do they care about your safety and wellbeing, they will do whatever they can to ensure that others around you feel the same. If there should be a problem, you know that you’re in good hands with your cop.
  2. You can be proud of your police officer. Dating someone who puts their life on the line day after day in an effort to uphold the law and keep people safe gives you a sense of pride. You have no problem declaring your love for your brave man and there is no greater feeling that standing behind someone who considers them a local hero.
  3. Police officers don’t shy away from conflict. Whether it is defending your honor, apprehending a criminal, or having an argument with you, you can bet that they will never back away from confrontation. They will tackle the situation head on and will do their best to resolve it.
  4. Your partner will have the gear necessary to act out your fantasies. A hidden perk about dating a police officer is that he already has the cuffs and he will be more than willing to conduct a thorough strip search — if you know what we mean.
  5. The job is stressful and sometimes that stress comes home. It may not feel like a perk when your police officer comes home with a mountain of stress weighing him down. This does give you the opportunity to be there for him and allow him to talk to you. By confiding in you about certain aspects of his job, you are able to get a glimpse at what he goes through and you can offer a shoulder to lean on, thus forging a stronger bond.
  6. The hours are erratic and unpredictable. It can be difficult making plans with a police officer because his hours are probably going to be all over the place. Some days he will be working in the morning while other days he could be doing the overnight shift. Instead of seeing this as a negative, think of it as a good thing. While you may not get to plan a romantic evening, you can plan a romantic morning instead. Make breakfast in bed, watch the sunrise, or go for a walk around the neighborhood. These activities help bring you together and making the most of the time you have together.