Simple Ways to Impress Your Air Hostess


Out of all the places where you can meet people, would it surprise you to learn that you could potentially find the love of your life while 34,000 feet up in the air? And that love of your life could be at the other end of the drink while you are soaring through the sky. The thing about trying to sweep an air hostess off her feet is that she comes in contact with so many people, she probably heard every pick up line possible. So, how can you impress an air hostess?

For one thing, common courtesy goes a long way. You would be surprised to learn how many passengers feel entitled while on a plane and forget their manners. By saying “please” and “thank you” while making eye contact, it would make you stand out from the other passengers. But not only do manners help make you stand out, try some of these other tips.

1. Be Pro-active

When we say be pro-active, we don’t mean come on hard in an effort to hit on her. Start off making eye contact and say “hello.” After her duty of handing out beverages and picking up the garbage, go to the back and ask for a glass of water or juice. While she is getting your request, spark up a conversation about where she’s traveled and where is the best place to visit. Not only will this get you noticed, but it will spark the conversation.

2. Be Helpful

You’ve been on crowded planes before, and you know that there will be people around you who needs help with their baggage. Instead of letting them wait for the air hostess for help, help your fellow passenger. While your fellow passenger may think you are simply being a kind person (something that is a rarity now-a-days, but the hostess will also take notice.)

3. Sit in the Back

As much of a pain in the rear it is to sit in the back of the plane, if you are attracted to an air hostess, this is prime real estate. Why? Because this is where the crew hangs out of course. Here, you will be able to see her when she doesn’t have her “nice stewardess” face on and you can get a better idea of her personality. Keep your ears open for any chatter about a boyfriend or husband.

4. Take Notice of Her Name

Most of the people on the flight will be calling her “stewardess” or “miss.” If you want to stand out from the rest of the passengers, learn her name and use it. Not only will this give you something to compliment her on, but it will also help her to remember you as the guy who pays attention and makes an effort—even if it is something as small as remembering her name.