A Man’s Perspective of Dating a Nurse

dating a nurse If you’re a hot blooded male, you may have had a fantasy (or two) about what it is like to be with a nurse. You might have these insatiable fantasies where your nurse gives you a sponge bath and nurses you back to heath from your death bed. Would you believe that these cockamamie fantasies are just that?

Let’s explore these myths and put them into perspective.

The Nurse is the Epitome of Purity

For some strange reason, nurses are seen as heavenly creatures who are an odd blend between your mom and a saint. While this is a nice visual that will help you get through your dreaded hospital stay, if you are hoping to have a demure nurse as a partner, hate to burst your bubble but nurses aren’t quite as innocent as you think. These ladies (and men) have seen things in their profession that would make your stomach squirm and you may be running for the toilet lest you think about it too much. Nurses tend to have a very peculiar sense of humor that is on the more raw side of the funny stick.

If you’re looking for someone who will kiss your boo-boo every time you cut yourself at work, don’t even think about it. Your nurse will assess the boo-boo and tend to it accordingly, almost methodically. To her, it’s just another wound, although it may feel like you’ve severed your finger. Nurses see emergencies on a daily basis, so unless you are unconscious, are missing a limb, or are vomiting blood, chances are you won’t get much in the way of sympathy.

Nurses Have Incredible Networking Opportunities

Let’s put it this way, if your wife wanted to find an open nursing position in a small hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, she could put the word out to one of her nurse friends and by the end of the week, your wife will be making plans to visit said hospital with resume in hand. In other words, you can be certain that your nurse wife has more connections than the mafia and she will be able to go anywhere in the country because of them. This also means that because she does have so many connections within the nursing community, you will want to mind your Ps and Qs lest one of her nursing friends sees you and word gets back. Nurses are like ninjas in that regard! It’s kind of spooky really.

Your Social Life Will Involve Nurses

Nurses hang out with one another and you will quickly learn that when you wake up and realize that all your friends are married to a nurse or are a nurse themselves. This generally happens because when nurses get around nonmedical people, they don’t remember that and should the conversation turns to bodily functions and other topics that are rather gross, they forget this and they have no filter. What a nurse thinks is everyday conversation topics are actually topics that nonmedical personnel wouldn’t dream of talking about.

You’ll notice that when you attend a number of these sorts of dinner parties, your social circle will dwindle down to nothing but nurses and other medical professionals. While this may be difficult for you to understand now, just wait until you’ve been in a relationship with a nurse for some time.