Hearts on Fire: What to Expect When Falling In Love with a Fireman

When you think about a man in uniform, usually a firefighter is one of the first images that comes to mind. How could you not fall for a strong man who risks his life on a daily basis to help others? Of course, some risks are involved when you date a firefighter, but the pros far outweigh the cons!
Falling In Love with a Fireman Before you say, “Hey, I want to date a fireman!,” you should really understand their life and know what to expect out of the relationship. While you may think a relationship with a firefighter is glamorous, you should consider some important things first.

1. Keep the stress to a minimum

As you can imagine, the life of a firefighter is a stressful one. They face dangerous and stressful situations more often than not. You do not want to add stress to their lives. When they are not at work, it is only natural that they want to relax and have some fun. Instead of wanting to have intense conversations all the time, instead keep the conversation fun and light—especially if it is a new relationship.

2. Meeting the crew

At one point during the relationship, you will meet his firefighting family. The bond these men form with one another is a very strong one, sometimes it can be stronger than that of his real family. When he is ready to introduce you to the crew, just be yourself. He has probably told his friends at the firehouse about you, so you do not want to go in there acting like someone you are not. Be genuine, fun, and show interest in what he does… You are dating a firefighter of course!

3. It is a demanding job

Unfortunately, when your man gets that emergency call, he will have to bail on date night and rush to save the day. This call could come at any time, so he is always going to be on the alert. What this means is that when he is on call, the plans you two make may be limited because he will be expected to be at the firehouse within a certain time.

4. Groupies do exist

This should be obvious, after all who does not like a man in uniform? You should know that you are not the only one who has the hots for firefighters and, unfortunately, your guy may get hit on, ogled, and you may even find some phone numbers in his pockets. If you are concerned about this, you may want to discuss your concerns with him. If you are in a new relationship, ask him how he deals with the women hitting on him while in uniform. Keep it tactful so you do not sound like a jealous person.

5. Health and fitness are important to them

Being physically fit is an essential aspect to their jobs—after all, they have to carry large hoses, run with heavy equipment on their bodies, and save the lives of whomever may be trapped inside a burning house. Because his health and fitness are so important, he may have high standards of what he eats, have rigorous workout sessions, and may even expect you to change your habits to become healthier also. While this is not always the case, it can happen.
Now this is not an extensive list of what you should expect when dating a firefighter. What are some things that you have experienced while dating a firefighter? Share your experiences in the comments below!
Image credit: Hannah Seay