6 Tips for Dating Modern Men in the Military

6 Qualities Men Look for in a Woman

We won’t deny that there are countless articles that list the pros and cons of dating military men, however we wanted the opinion of the women on what advice they have for dating a man in uniform.

6 Tips that Will Help You Get the Attention of That Handsome Man in Uniform.

  1. Slowly break through their barriers. The military teaches the servicemen that they should put their trust in their unit and not much else. This means they are expected to be close to these people and as a significant other, you won’t get more information than you need to know. It will be difficult and take a lot of effort to bring down these barriers so that he will trust you as much as he trusts his unit, but once you do, it will be worth it.
  2. Patience is a virtue. You shouldn’t expect that he will trust you overnight. It will come with time and if he comes to you with a problem, he will only talk about it until he doesn’t want to say anymore. When he has come to his limit, you shouldn’t press for him to talk more because he won’t and may even get angry because you’re pressuring him.
  3. Respect the brotherhood. To be in the military is to be part of a brotherhood unlike any other. These men may never have a bond as close as the one they forge while in the military. Now, while this isn’t good or bad, it is just the way it is. It shouldn’t be a competition for his attention between you or his comrades because both get an intimate side of him that few get to see.
  4. Appreciate his loyalty. Each branch of the military requires that the men be loyal to no one but their unit. They are used to being loyal to their brothers in arms and protect them at all costs. As someone who is close to them, they will love you as fiercely and protect you with all his might, as long as you promise to do the same.
  5. Overlook their air of authority. Some men who are in the military have the belief that they are more superior than others. This could be because they work hard and unflinchingly are willing to put everything they have on the line. When they find themselves in the civilian world, it can be difficult to put this way of thinking behind them, so they may seem arrogant and be difficult.
  6. Recognize that wounds aren’t always physical. We rarely take into account that unless our soldier’s wounds are visible, they are fine. There are countless soldiers who return home with post-traumatic stress disorder. It makes it difficult to sleep at night, they may have nightmares, and just withdraw from life. It is important that you try to get them to talk about their experiences, whether with you or a professional, and you want to keep anything that could trigger them away, this includes war movies and things of the like.