Top Five Dating Tips - Your Relationship with a Firefighter

Let’s put aside the clichés. We all need a little advice when it comes to dating and conducting a successful relationship. And it’s no different when your ideal significant other happens to be a firefighter.

Top Five Dating Tips - Your Relationship with a Firefighter

Successful dating with a firefighter

But if you’re serious about forming a lasting relationship with someone in a profession which is as physically demanding as it is time-consuming, you’ve got to expect that this can bring extra stresses to your love life. The key is to accept these as part and parcel of your choice, and be prepared to cope with them.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you do just that.

1. Talk to them about their job

It seems obvious, but in a relationship work often gets brushed aside. The details of the job are not only great conversation starters: asking question about them also shows you are interested in their work. Let’s be honest: we all love a firefighter, but if you want to find where their passion lies, the job are a great place to start!

2. Stay positive on a date

Try to keep your date a completely stress-free zone! Because being a firefighter is demanding enough. When out of work, just like the rest of us, firefighters want fun, laughter and a break from the pressures of their job. Don’t put your own needs aside, but bear in mind that your date may have just had an extremely demanding day.

3. Listen

If you imagine what a firefighter’s job involves, then it’s not surprising that sometimes they need someone to just listen without judgement. Firefighters will see and do a lot that many of us will never experience in our lifetime. Being supportive and prepared to listen is a great quality to have.

4. Try to understand the fire and rescue lifestyle choice

Don’t expect all your texts to be returned during the time they are working. Think logically here: firefighters are not sat at a desk and cannot easily reply. Your date give up any hope of a regular 9-5 routine long ago, so make sure you know and accept the relationship implications of this.

5. Embrace your firefighter’s kind-hearted nature

The lovable stereotypes about these professional heroes can sometimes be true. They are often just as charming, valiant and courteous as depicted in popular culture. So if you find yourself out on a date thinking ‘this guys’s a little corny’, remember it’s not just a front: the heroic, kind and loving personality comes with the territory.

It may be a different kind of relationship, but having a partner who saves lives and helps the community can be incredibly rewarding, despite the challenges. You will be rewarding in turn by being patient, fun-loving and positive!