Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Want to Date a Fireman


Ladies, we get the appeal of the fireman. They are buff, courageous, selfless, and they look damn good in a uniform. These men have to have their wits about them at all times because their job requires them to think on their feet when facing a blazing inferno. And to top it all off, they have this sense of duty to their community, which means they are involved and they are there to help keep everyone safe.

If you are uncertain about why you should be dating a fireman, we’ve got five of the top reasons why a fireman should be the man of your dreams.

Top Reasons to Date a Fireman

1. They are Fast Thinkers

Firemen are required to think on their feet so that they can rescue people from a dangerous situation without adding further injury to victim but also from preventing themselves from getting hurt. You can trust that a fireman is trained to assess any situation and find the best solution.

2. They Are in Incredible Shape

Firemen don’t create a calendar because they have beer bellies and look like the only thing they lift is the remote control. In other words, firemen are hot. Their gear isn’t light so they have to work out in order to run around in it and not pass out.

3. They Know How to Cook

It’s an unspoken rule that if you are a fireman, you have to have some skills in the kitchen. We aren’t sure where they learned their cooking skills from, but we are sure that the majority of firemen can throw down and make some delicious meals.

4. They Give Back to the Community

If you think about it, how many events are hosted at your local fire station? Whether it is something as small as a Thanksgiving dinner for those who have nowhere to go to food drives and charity dinners, the men in the fire station are committed to their community.

5. They Don’t Shy Away from a Difficult Situation

If they have no problem running into a building that is being ravaged by flames, then you can be certain he won’t run away from an emotional melt down or an uncomfortable situation at a family get together. While they aren’t in the same realm of difficult, they will still know how to stay calm and assess the situation with a clear head.

6. They Won’t Turn Down a Chance for Some Mouth-To-Mouth

Firemen are required to be certified in CPR, so you know that they know how to save your life if they have to.

7. You Don’t Have to Break Into Your Own House

We’ve all experienced the humiliating situation when we have to call the locksmith (or even jump through an open window) to get inside of your own home—all because you locked your keys inside. Although it may be extreme, firemen have axes that can cut through your door like a hot knife going through butter.