Top 5 Ways to Love Your Soldier

Whether you are already dating someone in the military or you are looking to meet single soldiers near you, you’re in for some stiff competition. Not only do women flock to a guy in uniform, but they are also drawn to them because they are willing to put their lives on the line to protect their country. Can we take a moment to swoon?


Some women may think that it is easy to date a soldier and they are just like any other guy, the truth of the matter is a soldier’s life is different than your average Joe. Here are five ways that you can show your soldier just how much you love them.

1. Value The Time Together

If you’re dating someone who is active in the military, chances are the time you share together is going to be brief and in short intervals. During the time that you actually do get to spend together, make the effort to listen to him. Let him know that he can share any aspect of his career with you because, let’s face it, being a soldier requires you to see and do some taxing stuff. When you aren’t being his personal confessional, go out and enjoy each other’s company. Remember, the time you spend together should be precious.

2. Trust One Another

As we mentioned, the time you have with one another is not going to be like most relationships. While you are away from one another, you are going to have to have trust one another. There is going to be temptation to stray on both parts, but that is the real test.

3. Hand Written Letters

Technology has made it easy for people to communicate with one another. Because of this, we tend to forget how special it feels to receive a hand written letter, a care package that you put thought into, or even a tangible photograph. To show your soldier that you are thinking about them, take the time to write a heartfelt letter — or even just to tell them about what is going on in your life. Spritz it with a bit of your favorite perfume and kiss the paper. These little touches will mean a lot more to your partner then any email you could send.

4. Volunteer Your Time

While he is away, you may be hard pressed to find something to do with your time. Instead of going out to the clubs, try volunteering your time. You may not think by volunteering your time is showing him that you care, but you would be wrong. In fact, many soldiers would love to hear that their partner is doing their part for their country however they can.

5. Keep Communicating

This goes hand in hand with writing letters. By keeping communication open, both when he is at home and deployed, you are able to keep each other “in the loop” so to speak. There are less chances of feeling alone and left out, plus when you are open with one other, you are able to connect and continue to get to know them. Besides, any relationship will fail if there is no communication.